Stopping by to say hello!
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    Talking Stopping by to say hello!

    I do check and read post everyday, but have not really checked In! We have been busy working on the house and getting things decluttered. Been busy with church activities. Big Easter egg hunt planned for Sat at church.But hope everyone is enjoying this fantastic weather in the midwest we are having. Going to be 80 tomorrow!
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    Well Hi Nana! Nice of you to stop in and say Hi! Hi to you too, and glad to see you "around". Happy your weather's been good. Spring in FL is perfect weather (to me anyways). We're usually high 70s daytime with the 60s at nite. That means no heat or AC, and that means low electric bills. YAY!

    How's your Victorian decorating coming along. I had it for years and years, and finally changed to Italian formal and Italian country. I miss my Victorian things so much, but after the cancer, I really needed a change of scenery and a new start with something else, kwim?

    Well please don't be a stranger, and keep us posted (w/pics if you can) on your new decorating scheme. I'd love to see it. I really should post my new rooms too, just for the fun of it

    Nice talking to you again!!


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    N2t - good to hear from you - wondered where you'd wandered off to!!
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    ~ Michelle

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    hey from ma.!!

    in your avatar what is the dog holding in his paws? i know my eyes are he looks so loveable

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