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    Default Housekeeping Printables

    Housekeeping seems to be on a lot of our minds lately. I came across these, and thought someone here may like them.

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    This is a good start for me. I however have "house keeping" attention span disorder - I bounce from one thing to the next, often with no relation. Presently there are two systems set up: the first has duties written on index cards with the day of the week at top, a set of four weeks, these are stored in a flip-type photo album, I pick a day and do the three or so items in addition to the dishes, minor pick-up, bed, laundry - argh! The second system is just one week, with similar index cards in a box, but more duties per card.

    In a perfect life, I'd actually open the box, or, hey, the book. I'm not sure why I procrastinate so long, get into the habit of doing chores, then fall off the wagon, yet again.

    I need to be better at this.

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    Is this book Get Your Act Together by Pam Young and Peggy Jones? Very similar to the Fly Lady that is talked about in here. They are somehow affiliated, but I haven't figured out how yet. You sound just like me flitting everywhere and not getting much done. I just wrote myelf a note to get my cards out because my ds are married and moved out.

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    I keep a running list on the kitchen table for the week but the past 3 weeks might as well throwed it out the't seem to get with the program..

    I do mine by the week because a lot of things I have to do is outside..and it is up to the weather as to what day I do them.

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    1) I don't keep just one day to worship the Lord. It's an everyday thing for me
    2) You shouldn't make the beds as soon as you get up. They're still "damp" from your body heat and you should let them air out and dry some before you make the beds.( keeps down the bed mites too). Do it when you've had a cuppa and are then ready to get dressed for the day.
    3) Saturdays are for my husband. We do what he wants on that day so just one day a week for outdoor and yardwork is just plain silly. We have 5 acres. I couldn't get it all done in one day lmao.
    4) and IMO you should take 10 mins to shed the "junk" in your head and connect to the Lord. but thats just my opinion. The heck with the other junk.

    This calendar had to have been made up for people who don't stay home all day.

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