Bye-Bye Bank of America, Hello USAA Bank!
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    Default Bye-Bye Bank of America, Hello USAA Bank!

    I have had enough of BOA. I am in the process of moving all my accts over to USAA. Anyone else use USAA? My in-laws love it and have been pushing for us to switch for about a year now. It always seemed like a pain to move everything over because I do most of my bills on line. Now that BOA will start charging for Debit cards next year, I have decided to give USAA a shot. I will be so happy to finally be done with BOA!

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    I only have their credit card but have heard nothing but
    good about far..........

    Many others on here use them and I am sure will be making comments.

    One thing I can be sure won't be sorry
    you left B of A!!!! But would say that even if you were planning on sticking the money under your mattress!!!!

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    We use USAA for everything. Checking, savings, renter's, auto and life insurance. They'll probably be our mortgage company if we ever buy a house. Now that we paid off all our credit cards, we'll probably close all of them but our 1 USAA card.

    If you are military, you should know that they reduce credit card interest rates to 4% when the active duty member deploys. When you PCS, they give you that reduced rate for a year. They also allow up to two defferrals during the life of a loan, so you should hold that in the back of your head just in case of hard times. They don't just not charge for ATM transactions, but they actually refund what other banks charge you, up to about $16 a month. We don't pay for checks, there are no minumum balances, and they have no intention of charging for debit card use.

    They are far and away the best bank we've ever done business with. You're going to wonder why you didn't switch earlier.

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    We use USAA for our insurance (car/house/motorcycle). We are already with a local credit union, but DH wants me to switch.

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    I don't know anything about USAA but we all know how I feel about Bank of Hell.
    Glad you're leaving them....
    Bank of America is THE godfather of Hell with Wells Fargo running neck and neck. When the world ends the only things that will be left are cockroaches, Walmart, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Not necessarily in that order. The order remains to be seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovestolaugh View Post
    I have had enough of BOA. I am in the process of moving all my accts over to USAA. Anyone else use USAA? My in-laws love it and have been pushing for us to switch for about a year now. It always seemed like a pain to move everything over because I do most of my bills on line. Now that BOA will start charging for Debit cards next year, I have decided to give USAA a shot. I will be so happy to finally be done with BOA!
    I have Chase Bank and do not like them, but I have to have an account with a bank to get paid and for my husband to get his SSD payments each month.

    I hate Chase, but I feel stupid what is USAA stand for?

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    You aren't the only one
    I put this elsewhere but thought I would put here for you all:

    Angry customers stream into local banks, voting with their feet.

    Angry over fees, new customers stream into local banks |

    DENVER - Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo are all considering raising debit card fees soon, and the increases have many customers looking to change financial intuitions.

    Beginning next year, Bank of America plans to charge customers five dollars a month or sixty dollars a year to use their debit cards and plans to charge an additional five dollars to replace a lost card.

    Both Chase and Wells Fargo are already testing monthly debit card fees in select markets.

    Local competitors say disgruntled customers aren't waiting for the fees to take effect, they're already opening new checking accounts at different banks.

    "It's no secret that some of the bank fees that have been most public have caused a lot of angst among the consumer segment," Tom Spilman, president of Key Bank Colorado, told 9NEWS.

    But before consumers open a new checking account, Spilman says there are several things to consider.

    First, consumers must understand their own banking needs. He recommends consumers identify services they commonly use such as branch locations, online banking, direct deposit or automatic bill payment.

    "You really have to understand the differences between each bank and how each bank is approaching checking accounts, and then you need to match that up with how you use your own accounts," Spilman said.

    He advises consumers to shop around and speak to representatives at several different banks in order to find the institution that best fits their personal spending and checking account habits.

    And while Spilman doesn't believe free checking will completely disappear, he admits the number of banking fees are increasing and says consumers should be on the lookout for new charges.

    "Make sure you read the mail you get from banks. Sometimes folks ignore that, but it's a very good way to see if there are new fees associated with your bank. But I always encourage everybody to go into your bank and talk to your banker. That's the best source of information you can get," Spilman said.

    While Credit Union offering to pay those who use their debit card:

    Credit union pays you to use debit card
    It's the antithesis of Bank of America, which is going to charge a $5 monthly debit card fee.
    By MSN Money partner on Fri, Oct 14, 2011 10:53 AM

    This post comes from Matt Brownell at partner site MainStreet.

    MainStreet on MSN MoneyAs Bank of America prepares to implement a $5 monthly debit card fee and Wells Fargo flirts with doing the same, the idea of a bank actually paying its customers to use a debit card seems almost laughable. But that's exactly what's happening at the Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union in Texas.

    The credit union ordinarily pays free checking account customers 10 cents for every purchase they make with their Freedom Check Card. But last week the credit union upped the ante by bumping that reward up to 15 cents. The increase will last through Dec. 31.

    While the promotion may seem perfectly timed to take advantage of the publicity surrounding Bank of America's fee increase, Sonya McDonald, the credit union's senior vice president of marketing, says plans had already been in the works prior to Bank of America's announcement.

    "We'd been planning it since August, and we fortuitously made our announcement right after Bank of America made theirs," she tells MainStreet. "With the current state of the economy, members need to worry about their own business, not fitting extra fees into their budget."

    The promotion comes as many Bank of America customers are threatening to leave the bank. In an informal poll conducted by The Street, 83% of readers said they planned to leave the bank over the new fees.

    Experts say that inertia is likely to keep many of those disgruntled customers from following through on their promise, but those who do decide to defect will likely take a hard look at small banks and credit unions. The Durbin Amendment, which capped debit card swipe fees and prompted the barrage of checking account fees from the major banks, does not apply to institutions with total assets of less than $10 billion. That means that smaller institutions are more likely to continue offering free checking, as well as perks like RBFC's debit card bonus. Post continues after video.

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    United Services Automobile Association

    It started out as an insurance agency for service men and women. It has since expanded to include other things. If you are a member of the armed services including the Coast Guard, or a veteran, you automatically qualify for using them. Then, as long as you hold an insurance policy, with them, your children automatically qualify to join USAA, even if they never serve.

    That is what an agent told me. Since my parents (Dad is a vet) got policies, we got numbers. When we activated our own accounts, our children qualified for numbers.

    I'm not sure if holding a bank account or credit card also qualifies the children but you could always find out. There may be other ways to qualify too.

    We love USAA. Customer service has always been nice no matter what the situation. They do good quotes and very rarely has anybody beaten them when it comes to home/renters/auto insurance. Usually, somebody wants to give us a quote until they find out we're with USAA. They often shut down and say they can't beat them.

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    We use them! LOVE the ease of using them.

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    I love USAA...big puffy hearts They are keeping free checking and I love their customer service.

    When I was 16, I got into a car accident. Then when I was 20, the other car sued me for medical bills. I was then married and living in England with DH. USAA just got some info from me and then hired a lawyer on my behalf to handle everything. Next things I heard, USAA settled and paid the settlement. I know if we were with one of the discount car insurers, we would have had to do all the legwork ourselves.

    The only thing that I've heard negative is home mortgages with them- but that's with the third party company they work with.

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    Default I switched today

    I too switched from BOA to USAA today. I'm hoping for a much better time then BOA.


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