ID cast iron skillets
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    Default ID cast iron skillets

    I just found this forum and I have some questions about 3 old skillets that have been in my famiy for years.

    (1) Is marked made in the USA has No. 8 and says 10 5/8 on the bottom My mother started house keeping with this skilett, my parents were married in 1928 I would like to know if there is any way to date this as it may not have been new when she received it, also who would have made it???

    (2) Is also marked 10 5/8 on the bottom the only other marking on this one is a large X below the numbers. It belonged to my mother in law and would be a little newer than No.(1)

    (3) Is marked No.5 and says 8 1/8 IN> and has a circkle with a slash thru it, looks almost like a screw head for a logo.

    The skillets are in very good condition and are in daily use I do not
    think that I would enjoy cooking with out them.

    Thanks for any information anyone has.

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    Hard to tell without photos.

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    How to Identify Antique Cast Iron Skillets |

    How to Identify Cast Iron Cookware Marks |

    You'll need to find a guide of identification marks.
    Wagner and Griswold Society

    I'm sure there are other sites out there that would have the information for you online. You can also do a "pencil rubbing" of the identifying marks as they would show up better than a picture of the marks on the cast iron.

    What a great way to spend time .
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    pre-1920's? they're keepers. anything before 1950 is likely better quality, black iron. i just found one with a heat ring, possibly early 1900s, but all it has is a T over a large number 5, i'll be back with some pictures as soon as the flaxoil seasoning has completed in my oven.

    i hope the recycling place will take my aluminum pans so they can send them back to china.

    have fun with your cast iron!

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