Experiencing connectivity issues problems with Frugalvillage
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    Default Experiencing connectivity issues problems with Frugalvillage

    Hi everyone,

    Currently one of our service provider for frugalvillage.com is experiencing hardware issues with a router at a datacenter.

    What this means to you:

    -degraded connectivity to Frugalvillage.com.
    -Chat will work slowly for now.
    -messages might show *waiting for frugalvillage.com* in status bar.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly. Will be posting updates in this thread.

    *update* February 9th 2012 1:47PM
    Have changed the system not to use the cloudflare application. It appears to have fixed the problem.
    Will be looking at alternatives since the service provider has not even taken a look at the problem.

    *update* February 10th, 2012 10:18AM.
    After some reflexion I have decided to move FrugalVillage.com completely to the cloud. It is currently being migrated right now. The migration should be complete by February 15th.
    -This will allow easier upgrades in the future when capacity is reached in terms of Disk, CPU, network and memory.
    and upgraded our disks to raid10.
    -This will provide redundancy and better response time from our site in general.
    -The CPU will be slightly faster than the previous one.
    -Can increase capacity on a needed basis. Depending on traffic.

    *update* February 12th, 2012, 6:28AM.
    We are migrated to the new server. If you experience problems with viewing or posting to the forums. Please post in this thread.
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    Thanks. Always wondering which end something is not working right.

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    Thank you, Gabe, for all your hard work. I, a complete computer idiot, can just imagine what a pain-in-the-neck it is to figure all that out!

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    Yes, thanks very much, all seems to be normal again.

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    The only connectivity issue I seem to be having is when I log in and I get the 'invalid redirect URL' error. I have to take everything off of the address, save Frugal Living Forums -Frugal Village).

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