Bagged Lettuce Recall Expands Nationwide
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    Default Bagged Lettuce Recall Expands Nationwide

    Bagged Lettuce Recall Expands Nationwide

    Labels may vary, but the salads are sold under the names River Ranch, Farm Stand, Hy-Vee, Marketside, Shurfresh, The Farmer's Market, Cross Valley, Fresh n Easy, Promark, and Sysco.
    The recalled bagged are stamped with "best by" dates between May 12 and May 29 or Julian dates of 118 and 125.

    If you've recently purchased bagged lettuce, check the label: A California lettuce grower has expanded a recall of some of its bagged salads because routine sampling detected listeria contamination, reports the Associated Press.
    The producer is River Ranch Fresh Foods of Salinas, California. Though the recall was initially only for lettuce shipped to California and Colorado, the company has now expanded the recall nationwide.
    No illnesses have been reported, but listeria symptoms can be severe, especially in older adults, pregnant women, and young children. The onset of the illness is often described as "flu-like." High fever, diarrhea, and headache are common.
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    Hmmm..... I'm usually a fairly healthy person, but have been having flu like symptoms for a couple of days now. General achiness, nausea, blah feeling. And I just had a bag of Hyvee lettuce. Maybe that's it......

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    Thanks for the update.

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    I had no idea, thanks for posting!

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    Thanks Niko..............was just reading about this.

    They have been having so many problems with the 'bagged stuff' FOR YEARS that I have pretty much quit buying it..........will buy the three packs of Romaine sometimes...........pretty scary!

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