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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit Deer View Post
    We've given up trying to get fabric stores and thrift stores to quit charging us sales tax on items used to make clothing, which is not taxable here.
    Talk about SCREWY TAX LAWS...........I don't blame would they KNOW or PROVE who was making clothes with the item??? Wonder what 'genius' gov't official thought THAT one up??? And wonder how badly that would be abused if they didn't charge???

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    It's not that complex. This law has been in place for decades. The problem now is people mostly sew for crafts, not clothing. So they're charging tax based on that. Unfortunately, a lot of fabrics for quilting also make nice shirts and tops, but since most fabric stores now are more interested in selling craft supplies, they code their fabrics as craft supplies. And they often don't have any way not to charge tax because their tills are pre-set so the clerks don't have any way to key things in as non taxable.

    It's simple to determine what's taxable. If it goes into the finished garment, it's not taxable. If it's used to make the garment, but will not be in the finished item, it's taxable. So fabric, buttons, zippers, thread, etc are not taxable, but patterns, sewing machine needles, pins, etc are taxable. Simple. Until you involve computerized tills that with no overrides.

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