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    Well I had one son. I didn't buy a bigger house because of him. His first home was a 2 bedroom where he lived until he was 9 yrs old. I would have had that 2 bedroom regardless if he had been born or not. From 9-18 we lived in a 3 bedroom. That 3rd room was more of an x-tra/guest room that came with the house. Most times the door was closed and the vent shut off so I did not heat and cool it so it did not cost me any extra money. Our property taxes did not go up because we had it and neither did the insurance. It was 8x10, it did not break the bank. Things are around here are based on accessed values not numbers of rooms.

    I built the first house and he got carpet (as did the rest of the place) - his carpet stayed the same until we moved. We completely gutted and remodeled the next home. He got more carpet (as would be expected in a bedroom) - he kept that carpet until he moved away to college. 10 years later the carpet is still there (this I know because the home is now one of our rentals and everyone has taken very good care of it). He didn't get new 'floor coverings' whenever he felt like it. His rooms were painted upon move in of both (I chose the first colors since he arrived as an infant- the 2nd room he chose a deep blue and kept it until he moved) - so he cost me 2 gallons of paint. Oh, and I sprang for some curtains and a bedspread (which also lasted his entire stay)...His furniture was given to him and he kept it his entire childhood (once out of a crib). Everything else in the room were things he drug in or presents from relatives or gifts for occasions from mom/dad. We didn't 'shower him' with all that much.

    He didn't use any extra heat or A/C (it would have ran anyway) - water yes, but he had to be drug kicking and screaming into baths & showers so he did not spend any extra time hanging out in there. I did wash his clothes but he was one of those that looked as if they only owned 1 pair of pants and a couple of t-shirts. He would never wear anything else but the current favorite and he wore them days in a row (to my distress)- I used to sneak in his room while he was sleeping and grab the 'uniform' off the floor to wash while he was unaware.

    He was a kid that preferred to be outside playing or watching the kid's channel on TV. He never wanted to participate in any 'team sports'. He did play the saxophone in middle school band, so that cost me $800. He had a horse, but that horse would have been part of my herd anyway so I don't count that. And he spent lots of time with that horse.

    The kid never wanted to eat. He didn't snack and we had to pull him in the house (again kicking and screaming) to have some meals.

    We didn't drive him around for the sake of driving. He went where we went when we went. Rarely did he have somewhere he just had to be and needed a ride. Even in high school. His friends took care of that for me -

    Books and schooling costs were still manageable while he was in school. They didn't do a lot of extra-curricular activities and he went to a free after school program at the school until I could pick him up after work.

    He was an extra body on vacations but most hotel rooms did not charge for the extra person. We did not frequent places that charged by the 'head', we would much rather have spent a day on the beach or in the mountains than on a crowded roller coaster. We did allow him to eat though, but like everything else - mom found ways to make those costs next to nothing (picnics, 2/1's, early diner discounts, buffets).

    I never 'spoiled' him with gifts for no reason. He never stood at the check-out and asked for anything. (Sometimes mom handed him something anyway)- he was a good kid with few needs and even less wants. Holidays (x-mas, b-day, etc) were usually something that he had asked for (and even then he rarely asked for anything over a $100). The kid would rather have stayed home and played Monopoly with family and friends - (his favorite game and one I am sick to the end of the world on) than spend a day at an amusement park or running around the city.

    So all in all ~ I guess I have been extremely lucky.... he probably cost me $112 a year.... - lol

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    Well our kids walked to school,we have the house w/ or w/o kids. Now the electric bill but we get to write part of it off for DH working at home too. As far as clothes and toys -when they were small. the 2 shared the toys and clothes and then I resaled them. While at the G. sales I got extra clothes and resaled those at hefty profits. One year I made $1000. tx free (split between 2 6 month periods) and that paid for xmas and bdays.
    My point was imagine. You can always find a more frugal way to do things if you want.

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