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    Default I just got back

    From shopping and while i was picking up my grocery i just wanted to not for my self but for people with families.Just don't know how people with children afford grocery things has went up since i was there the 4_TH_of this month._
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    every time I go the prices are higher and higher.......bless u all cuz' no help a coming for us....thank goodness we are frugal or we might starve...this month was a bad month here no sales hanging on till July 4 th should be major sale then good luck to everyone

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    I honestly don't feel too bad for them, from what I see most of them DON'T know how to shop or they just don't care. Yesterday I saw a woman reach for a lg container of sour cream @$2.46, store brand where she could have bought 2 - 16oz name brand containers that was on sale for $.98 each. Those little things add up.

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    I feel for anyone trying to feed their families..My grocery stores have been running some really good deals on meat lately.I have been taking advantage of it by buying as much a I can to fill the freezer for the next several month's..granted I had a pretty good amount of meat in there to begin with but I want to have a good stocked freezer for the coming winter month's..

    As I consume my canned good's I have been replacing them..I'm already seeing that the no name corned beef hash that I buy went up by .20 a can..

    I'm back to spending several hundred a month on food again (I didn't need to do that for a few month's) I'm amazed at how much higher the prices are on the food's I buy as a norm..

    I know if I didn't stockup on the sale item's that I bought several month's ago that consist of 100 's of canned good's,pasta's,tomato sauce,veggies,tuna fish,clam's,peanut butter and so on I would be spending $800 to $1000 a month for a family of 6..
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