Does anyone sell Avon????
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    Default Does anyone sell Avon????

    DD and I are thinking about selling Avon together. Anyone on here already a sells associate? Are you doing well? Anyone use to sell? Is/was it worth your time and effort?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Here the area is so over saturated, I see the books laying around at every store. Used to know someone who sold it and she was really aggressive. Ugh. Most of her clients were elderly. Maybe you'll have better luck.

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    I did for a while a few yrs ago I really didn't put a lot of effort into it and quit after I did an online order and got a $300+ charge on my cc.... took some time to get it credited off but after that I stopped.
    most likely you'll have supervisor set up a meeting for you and a $10 fee (or was when I did it ) you'll get a goody bag-if the reps any good at all .lol some free brochures to get you started. depending on where you live if it's too rural (mine was- i didn't go door to door much mainly sold to famiy and church folks), and how many avon reps are n the area- when I did it to my knowledge there was one other lady she has since retired and had her territory taken over - although they no longer have territory's i'm told. some of the best places to get orders: dr's office, business's- secretarys are wonderful, and online referrals but watch the calculator (screwed me royally).

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    I did it for a while years ago, but didn't find it to be that profitable. I sold mostly to friends and family...wasn't much for door-to-door or whatever 'cause you have to pay for all those books you leave around. Didn't know that until I opted in the program. You could put out 100 books and get one order for $3 so you can see how that wouldn't work out. Can't remember what the books cost. I had always thought they came free to the reps.

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