Swagbucks and e-gift cards
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    Default Swagbucks and e-gift cards

    Hi Guys, need some opinions...

    I have been saving up my swagbucks since joining earlier this year and finally got to the amount I wanted and went to order two gift cards I intended to use as gifts for my nephews. But when I was about to order, it told me that the Amazon cards would be delivered to my inbox, and that my physical address was just needed for verification, which I take to mean they aren't "physical" cards, but rather codes. Rght?

    So I don't feel comfortable with printing a certificate off the computer and giving it as a gift-- heck, I BARELY feel comfortable with gift cards...

    So I could:
    - print the cards and give them...
    - send the money to paypal and buy cards that way
    - use the codes for a different store, buy things I need, then take the money saved and buy the cars

    Anyone know if I can use a target e-gift card to buy physical gift cards (either online or in store)???

    I'm trying to do Christmas as frugally as possible this year, already got 3 gas cards from my Discover rewards, will do a Bed, Bath, and Beyond for SD21 once the next statement closes, and wanted to do these two cards from swagbucks and one from mypoints(hopefully).


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    Amazon gift cards are frequently printed, and that's fine - but if they attach to your amazon account, they're permanently there, even unused. You can't transfer gift card balance even by buying another gift card.
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