Can you imagine this?
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    Question Can you imagine this?

    We receive 55,000 negative images each 24 hour period.

    In watching Oprah yesterday, Goldie Hawn was talking about the organization she has called Words can Heal and was talking about all the negative images that we see/hear every day. That is a huge amount in any given day.

    She talked about how words can heal, rather than using words that destroy and talked about having a free gossip zone. I loved how she mentioned about using words that heal, rather than using words that destroy. So many times, without thinking, we use words that are negative either against our dh/so or our kids and once those words are said, they can't be returned.

    How much better our world would be if we used words that heal, words that build up and encourage others.

    What are your thoughts on all the negative images or words we hear/see in any given day!!

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    Well, I can say this, in all the negative in our world....I come here and I find plenty of words that heal...that's why I come here so much. I saw part of her show and agreed with many points, like how some people gossip about others because they don't have anything else to talk about. That's a major pet peeve I have about being in the nursing profession....the girls are gossips and backstabbers..very often.

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    Years ago, Mothers would tell kids "Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you " We know now that this is not true.... words can do great good or great harm.... Like I've told my children.... It takes an intelligent person to use those words that do great good..... Christ, Confussious, great writters and poets and the everyman that knows the power of words, a fool cannot understand their power.... So if someone is using hurtful words, surely you are NOT in the presents of a great mind......

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