Silly question....
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    Question Silly question....

    Do you ever get "spooked" in your own house?  I don't really mean like ghostly scared (or maybe I do ).  I mean just get the heeby jeebies for no good reason.  I do once in a while, usually at night if I am here alone, if DH is out on a fire call or hunting or such.  I am a woosy about sleeping in the dark if I am by myself.  I have to have a light on and I want to be able to see all around me.  OK, now that I have made myself sound like a big ole chicken liver, how about y'all do you ever get the heeby jeebies?
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    Yeah, I do. Our floors are creaky and sometimes they creak by themselves. Plus I can hear the neighbors but sometimes it sounds like someone in my house instead. I totally feel you on this, Kathy!

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    Oh Kathy,don't feel bad! I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain and being scared. Steve once worked nights and I swear I would be scared of my own shadow some nights!!!
    If I heard any kind of sound,that was it! I'd be up all night!!
    My heart would be beating so fast some times,I'd think i was going to have a heart attack LOL!!
    It got to where I couldn't handle it. I told Steve he HAD to go back to days or i was going to lose it lol
    He lost $1 an hour but I feel/felt sooooo much better

    Also, we live in his mothers house. She passed away in Jan 1997 and we moved in June 1997. At first,I felt weird being here,Like she would be coming home any minute and all my stuff would be here IN HER HOUSE.It took months to get over that.No sooner than i got over that..I was sick one night.It was about 2 am and I was in the bathroom and I SWEAR i seen her walk past the bathroom door. I was so scared.I started crying,shaking and ran to Steve. he jumped up and I couldn't even tell him what was wrong with me I was crying so hard
    When I finally did all he could say was "it'll be alright,I'm right here,it's ok"
    His mom died in a car accident and he never got to say goodbye.It's been really hard on him and I was scared....I was scared of what I seen,or what i thought i seen but I didn't want to tell him because i knew it would make him sad
    I still cry over that

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    No I'm not afraid to be in my home alone. I am never really alone anyway I do have my 10 kitties! But Jack and I worked all diffferent shifts for many years. We have literally waved to each other on the highway going to and from work, so I was home alone a lot.

    When we first moved out here I had one bad episode one night while Jack was working but since then, nothing. Many a summer night my front door (to the screened in porch) is open all night and you may just find me out there with a cup of tea!

    Mom on the other hand has lived in her home for 40 years and still won't stay alone at night. Dad has gone on some big hunting trips out west and my sister has stayed with her. I think last time Mom went to Vegas with her sister and friend while Dad was gone so she wouldn't have to be alone in the house.
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    That about says it all!

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