Computer Troubles/MIA
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    Default Computer Troubles/MIA

    Well, I was offline since last Friday due to Computer problems. We
    had went and bought a new memory strip to add memory to our computer. Talked to the guy at Office Depot who showed us which one was compatiable with our computer, so we bought it. Well, we get it home and install it and we couldn't get our computer to boot up. So it turns out the sales person recommended the wrong kind. We take it out and return it, get the right one, and our computer still didn't work. Well, it turned out our network card for our Cable internet was Fried!! The cable company forgot to mention that the network cards they supply aren't very good and we would need to replace after a couple of months. So we got that installed. In all, DH spent about 10
    hours on the phone with Microsoft over a period of 3 days to get our computer back and up and running. The good news we didn't have to do a total restore, so we didnt' lose any info!!

    GOOD NEWS: We are now the owners of a '95 Plymouth Voyager SE. We got our tax refund last week and we were car owners that evening. God was sooo good to us about our car situation. In my walks to my parents house, I had noticed this vehicle for sale 1 block north of us. It had been FOR SALE for about 3 weeks. I took a quick look at it a couple of times and noticed the body and exterior were in EXCELLENT condition. I was worried though, that by the time we got our refund the car would be gone. DH called the number a couple of days before we got our check and was told the guy was asking $2,000 for it. That was in our price range, as we had budgeted $2,500. So on Friday when the check came, my BIL went with us to look at the van, as he is
    knowledgeable in mechanics. He looked it over and then DH and he took it for a test drive. They came back and BIL said it runs GREAT and it was a good buy. BIL and DH got the owner to take $1,900 and we are now owners of a vehicle. It runs GREAT, has 123K miles on it, and just passed the emissions test 3 weeks ago. We were also able to finish paying my parents back for the last car we owned that they loaned us the money to get. We owed them $700 from a $3,600 loan. We also got a few other things, including an All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier. We got the boys new shoes, Joshua wears a size 9W and he isn't even 2 yet (he turns 2 in later this month)and some outfits, paid a few of our bills off and treated ourselves to a night of eating out. It feels good to be caught up on our bills and own a vehicle again!!

    Oh yeah!! DH had an interview today for a part time gig. He
    interviewed at IRN (Illinois Radio Network) He would work every 3rd Saturday from 5:45am-9:45am supplying news to radio stations throughout IL and also do a couple of on-air news reports per shift. He is more so wanting to do this job for the on-air experience that e has been given the chance to do yet, so he can put it on his resume. Also, there is room for advancement when the oppurtunity arises at IRN. Right now he is the leading choice for the job, so please pray for God's will to be done!!

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    I'm glad to see you back with us and glad everything worked out. I had some computer problems myself, I hate those!

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    Hi Kendra

    Sounds like things have worked out well for you all around! Sorry about the computer problems, they are a pain in the butt. Glad you are back with us and good luck to your dh, I hope he gets the job!

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    Glad your computer troubles are fixed. Your car deal sounds great. Hope your husband gets the job too.

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