Ack!! Another count down!
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    Default Ack!! Another count down!

    In 7 days my mother and grandmother will be here and we are hoping to have most if not all of our yard work finished so we can enjoy our guests. We are well aware it will probably not be all the yard work, but that is fine. We just want most done. We have a concrete pad being poured with a quick set concrete today. It will be ready for use 48 hrs after pour. Not bad. once it is ready, i can move the outdoor table and cahirs, the hot tub, the grill all to where they belong. then I can spread my mulch, replace my clothesline poles and put the kids out door toys back. Out front we need to rent a tiller and spread out our grass seed. Our gutters still need to be hung too. Not too much to do really. Just a game of hurry up and wait...till the concrete is poured and set, and for dh to be off of work.

    So, here's day "7" I will edit this post to say what has been finished once it is done.

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    yeah - but your plans always come together....

    not only can I not tie up loose ends, I usually can't even find the ends!

    Good luck buddy!!

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    Your Mom and Grandma are coming to see you and the kids, not the house. They won't know all the plans you had unless you tell them! Just get done what you can and don't stress!
    Love ya !

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