What have you done today?
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    Default What have you done today?

    And what do you have planned?

    Me? So far:

    Made 2 doz cupcakes
    Hung 4 loads of laundry
    Used up a left over square of mint colored flannel, sewed it into a receiving blanket
    Washed a load of dishes
    Made lunch for DD and I (Ds is at mil/fil's)

    Still to do:

    Pick up house a little
    2 more loads at least of laundry
    Fold and put away what is on the lines now
    Move around some stuff in my craft room
    ummm......what else...??

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    Ugh. Had grand plans of spending the day out of the house (letting DH sleep as he worked the all-night shift last night and got off at 7am) running errands and spending a gift certificate I received for my bday.

    Instead, wound up going to my grandma's house (she's frail, has caregivers stay with her) to help my parents and my aunt because Grandma's having a really bad day & can hardly walk. Just got home, put DD down for a nap, and will go back at 5:30. I'm not complaining, mind you, I don't mind helping at all, but Grandma is definitely getting worse and I'm afraid we'll have to talk about going back to the nursing home soon, which she definitely does not want to do.

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    - Made 1 batch banana muffins
    - Made 2 batches oat muffins
    - Made 3 batches pancakes
    - Made 3 batches cornbread
    - Made 40 plantation biscuits
    - Boiled a dozen eggs
    - Got everything in the garage and utility room from outside
    - Helped dh board up the remaining windows and doors
    - Got the vehicles situated and hopefully out of harm's way
    - Froze more bottles of water and making as much ice as possible plus we bought some ice (all in case of losing electricity)

    Still to do....
    - All of us take showers again
    - Move a couple more things in our 'safe room'
    - Stay tuned to the news and continue tracking Hurricane Jeanne on a map

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    Looks like you've been all very busy here!

    I am happy to say that I decluttered some more our bedroom. I filled, again 3 boxes to give away to our church. I gave a bag of clothes to my friend for her sons, too. I am starting to feel liberated here!

    Then Pierre had a small out together at 2 pm at Subway.... It was relaxing and fun. We had the restaurant to ouselves....

    And now, well, I'm relaxing with you all. My boys are watching tv...exept Francois who is gone to see a skateboard competition.

    Well, got to go...the boys are hungry!

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    I've been really lazy today. All I've done is straightened up the house a little bit, and the baby and I took a long nap. Haven't got a lot done, but I feel good after that nap!

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    This morning I helped Dave put together a sewing cabinet (to store fabric) together. Then I went to get a manicure and my eyebrows waxed at a spa with my SIL. My FIL and his gf came over after lunch to pick up the railroad ties we used to build our koi pond. We've taken it apart and are going to start making over the basement into a family room.

    My FIL and his gf wanted to take the girls overnight for a sleepover, so I packed them a bag and sent them on their merry way

    I went to Joann's after that and spent way too much money (mostly on supplies to make Christmas gifts though). Then I popped on over to The Dollar Store and picked up a few stocking stuffers for the kids for Christmas. Phew!

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    ~Hit two stores for loss leaders
    ~Watched dd's soccer game
    ~visited dh's gma at the nursing home, bringing her a new supply of reading material
    ~visited dfil at the hospital
    ~wnt to the "city" library where video rentals are free (our county library charges $1 per week, so whenever we go into the city we check out the free ones!) and got dks several videos
    ~did one load of laundry -- still need to fold
    ~homemade pizza is in the oven as I type

    ((((((HUGS))))))) to Amy -- I totally understand the grandma situation -- there's no place like home, but sometimes the extra help is really needed. We just moved dh's grandma last week

    ((((((HUGS))))))) to QuilterMom as you continue to prep. I pray that you will be spared as much storm damage as possible. Stay safe!

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    Praying for you Kim! Stay safe and check in if you can so we all know you are ok!

    On the agenda for today:
    Baked 4 loaves of whole wheat bread.
    Did 6 loads of laundry.
    Read some more chapters in the "Boundries" book.
    Went down to the library to pick out a book to read for the after school program.
    Got a roast and potatoes going in the crockpot.
    Had a minor meltdown
    Wrote out and paid the bills.
    Is currently trimming out all the windows in the house.
    Hubby and boys together~
    Took a huge trailer load of junk to the dump.
    Picked up wood to trim out the windows.
    Got their free pizzas.
    Stopped to visit a friend and borrow a gun for hunting.
    Did some grocery shopping for me.
    Vacuuming the house.
    Cleaning the outside deck furniture.
    Cleaning their rooms.
    Cleaning the bathrooms.
    (note: these were all jobs they failed to get done during the week so they are doing them now)

    Tonight: going to the movies with DH if he gets the trim done in time.
    I'm praying that tomorrow goes smoother.

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    shopped for 2weeks worth of menu items, it was payday yesterday. Helped dh with some work in the bathroom, made breakfast for everyone, unloaded the dishwasher, and not all in that order.

    I'm tired.

    Supper is ground meat mixed into burgers, and some broccoli.

    I have some laundry yet to put away.

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    My day today:

    had a quick breakfast

    got 2 yo great nephew up and changed (he spent the night last night) and fed

    shampoo'd, permed, cut and styled mom's hair

    went to deaf school's football game- requirement for sign class- now have to write a 2 page paper about it.

    went to grocery store and got some things for my parents

    stopped at DQ for a soda and ice cream

    home again and been studying for speech on Monday

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    Started out getting up at 5 to send DH off fishing, then back to bed for a bit.
    Made a batch of muffins.
    Went to Kroger to get some stuff I had coupons for.
    Went to Meijer to get in on the last day of triple coupons.
    Helped DH wash the boat.
    Watched a movie with DH.
    DH is now snoozing the recliner and I am surfing around on the net for a bit before I head to bed.

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    I surprisingly got more done today than I thought I would...

    I went grocery shopping
    Cleaned the kitchen
    Vacuummed the house
    Did three loads of laundry and washed the last of the baby things
    And (sniff) I found all my knitted bonnets and sweaters from when I was a baby... just in case this blessing is a girl.

    Well, now that I look over my list, it doesn't look like that much but, I feel like I got some things accomplished.

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    I slept in.....
    Then I surfed for a long while
    Straightened up the house
    Had a bath and shaved my hairy legs
    Made my list for a day in town of shopping and running errands.
    Ate leftovers before I left so not to be tempted to eat out.
    Did my errands
    Ran by to visit with dd#1
    Came home, ordered a pizza on the way.....
    Now I'm surfing. Not extremely productive...but I did use 2 of my BB&B coupons and return some curtains there that with the others that I've ordered saved me about $250. I'm thrilled!

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    I ust played on the computer this morning, got a shower and headed to work. Long day as I just got home at 10:15.
    ~~ Dee ~~
    8 Years Cancer FREE!
    25 July 2003

    Married to my sweetie, Jack 25 yrs.

    Mama to 27 furbaby 'Katz' (as my hubby calls them LOL)
    Nicky, Snowy, Olga, Ralphie, Sidney, Oliver, Fonz, Audra, Hoss, Peanut, Madeline, Tigger, Alice, Poppy,Teddy Bear, Mittens, Conan, Sherman, Trapper, Radar, Maxie, Annie, Rocky, Kali (AKA P.I.T.A), Jethro, Chewy Lewy, and Chance!

    Don't forget to do self examinations monthly and have regular mammograms!

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