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    Oh Bethany, it's too bad things didn't turn out better. That Margaret woman doesn't sound very nice at all. But I bet your DIL was happy that you were there and I guess that is what is important in the long run.

    Hugs to you for your rotten afternoon

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    Oh I am so sorry it didn't turn out well. That's too bad. I don't think I would care for that Margret woman much. I would make sure your dd knows what's up there. She sounds like a person I wouldn't trust. (backstabbing type)

    Do you think you might try it again with another group of ladies that had more interesting things to talk about maybe? It really can be fun to get together with a couple gals that have things in common.

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    Oh I'm with Darlene on this, I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall.

    The nerve of that Margaret, and yes Bethany she needs something up those nether regions to perk her up some.

    I'm betting your dil doesn't care much for her either.

    I don't know what it is about ladies meetings, sometimes they are fun but there are some deadly moments.

    Do you remember that Calendar Girls movie? the bit where the two friends are stuck in the back helpless while the group sits thru a lecture on broccoli?

    A similar event actually was how I got right into quantum physics.

    It was at a church ladies meeting (and the guest speaker was doing art quilting, not the nice kind that CJ does, but zooming all over the map leaving no inch un sewn, using up quatities of thread to produce puckered masses of gosh knows what)

    that I finally went over the edge and decided to blow about 200$ on physics books.

    I vowed I would never again have to suffer thru something like that. After that I could endure the ladies meetings with some kind of equanimity.

    Rather like having a good snort of whiskey under the belt before arriving.

    Bethany my advice to you is, go get a really nice set of books on something you can sit and look beatific about, and play with the ideas in your head and look as complacent as a cow chewing cud. I do, and it's magnificent. Everyone thinks I'm so nice and ladylike. I can even feign interest without setting off anyones little internal lie detectors.

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