HI all,
I have already sent you all this information. Got only a few
responses. So it appears as if I really need to make it CLEAR what
this sick bill is really trying to do.

First off they are using much needed military benefits to shield EVIL
acts they want to also shove through. This bill will take away
individual STATE rights to CHOSE what they want to subject their
citizens to. It will take away the right of individual states to do
things like California did when they passed a law to take mercury out
of toxic vaccines. It will further SHIELD all drug makers, the drug
pusher doctors who get the kickbacks, and take hard earned tax payers
money to help them buy LAND to make more toxic vaccines. It will give
a TAX credit to these killers for making their toxic products.

All of the future schedules of vaccines, and WHO has to take them,
how many, and when, will be given to the power of the SECRETARY and
NOT each State! They are trying to give the power to One person to
speak for the WHOLE country. Bypassing state rights to decide for
themselves. They KNOW some states are FAR more informed on vaccine
and drug damages then others. They know those pioneering states have
brought NATIONAL attention to the truth behind vaccines. How can they
silence them? Take away ALL STATE rights. They will Make this a
FEDERALLY controlled entity to which drug companies are given carte
blanche to create anything they like, kill as many people as they
like, and OH well, so much for that.

This bill also removes CAPS put on drug prices that were put in- in
the 80's. So not only can they kill us without repercussions but now
the sky is the limit on what they can charge for killing us. For
those who say, "But I won't get their toxic crap." Think again about
how those inflated "skys the limit prices" will be reaping them
billions more then they already make. Right now a large portion of
funds to public schools are based upon vaccine rates. The lower those
rates the less funding they get. Doctors are given kick backs from
drug makers not only for the vaccines they push but for new drugs
they are pushing on their patients. For all those in the militray
they are FORCED to endure these toxins.(this is on Tax payer dollars-
we have no choices in opting out of paying for that destruction) For
many entering college they are TRYING to force more vaccines via
boosters-just to make sure they can have a shot at them again. For
people traveling they try to HIT them again.

Most importantly should they instate Martial Law-Good luck with
getting out of that one. Parents will have to pull their kids from
school if they want to avoid the FEMA trap of government officials
entering the schools, locking them down, and forcing vaccines. This
Bill says we have NO rights to make these drug killers pay
for "whatever" product they make. Be it for arthritis, blood
pressure, heart or vaccines. The Patriot Acts then come in and
say "they" can force those toxins on our children if "they" deem us
in a so-called national threat. Forget about exemptions. Children
like my son who were already harmed by these toxic killers will not
be exempt.

This bill also creates a database to further track us like dogs. Not
to actually show true threats like how many vaccines are brain
injuring and killing our kids, nor how many heart meds are causing
heart attacks, but to use to throw into their next scare campaign to
get the lemmings to line up for the toxic shot of the week. Remember
the past reports of the families of vaccine injured children who were
HARASSED after they were put into the already existent database. What
better way to track those they will deem as the resister-truth
tellers-then to have a national database to which they can quickly
silence them from state to state? This is also needed to use for
scare campaigns-to say LOOK this state has flu running rampant in it-
NOT to say they got the flu from the vaccines or a person who was
rendered contagious from their toxic vaccines. But to get the
lemmings to line up for their toxin of the week.

This bill also demands unlimited funds for them to create MORE drugs
with LESS scrutiny. That's right, faster drugs, to be approved much
faster. What does this mean? More drugs like Vioxx etc...will be
shoved into production quicker. Who cares about deadly side affects
when it means killer drug companies will make money faster bypassing
those silly things like safety tests and long term studies? Meanwhile
they will GO after all natural supplements that HAVE been used for
centuries. That HAVE been tested endlessly because they are so cheap
that they are the TRUE threat to the toxic choices of mainstream. Try
as they might each faulty biased test against one safe alternative or
another is quickly dismissed due to those CENTURIES of proven, safe,

No where in this bill does it address actually conducting LONG term
studies on vaccines to which they have YET to do. Why? because they
know ALL of these toxic vaccines would show just how deadly they are
in such a study. They CAN'T allow that.

We all know the new flu epidemic has been unleashed. WE all know what
they have planned. Remember Hitler passed many UNGODLY acts before he
ever unleashed his wrath on his own people and the Jews. This act is
putting more "protections" for the killers in place before they start
the slaughter.

Get involved. DO NOT LOOK THE OTHER WAY. Do not allow political
devotion to come before protecting humanity. Contact your reps. Make
sure you have a record of each and every political rep that you
contact. Make sure THEY know you are keeping this record. Write to
them ALL. Or we can forget having any sense of a system in place to
protect us because we will be giving God-like control to one man in
this country. The Secretary Tzar will rule.

OK I did take the time to highlight this for you all. Please at least
take the time to read it. It really is important. Right now we still
have choices as the Constitution allows at the "State" level. But we
won't have for long if people do not act. Say a forceful NO to Senate
Bill 3! Yes, make them accountable to our military for much needed
benefits, but NOT at the cost of the military and the rest of us. For
those in the military will be affected FIRST as they are targets for
new vaccines and untested drugs. Enough is enough!

Take care, be well, and stay informed

God Bless

National Vaccine Information Center
Contact: 703-938-0342

for immediate release
February 4, 2005


Washington, D.C. – The nation's largest and oldest consumer-led
vaccine safety organization, the National Vaccine Information Center,
is calling a bill introduced into Congress by Senators Gregg and
Frist entitled "Protecting America in the War on Terror Act of 2005"
(S.3) as an "assault on the Constitution" and a serious threat to
protecting the health and informed consent rights of those who use
federally regulated vaccines and drugs.

"This bill is labeled as a "anti-terror" bill," said NVIC
president and co-founder, Barbara Loe Fisher, "but it is power grab
by the federal government and an assault on self-governance and the
informed consent ethic.

It takes away the freedom of the people to make their voices heard
through their elected state representatives and protect themselves
from unsafe drugs, such as Celebrex and Vioxx, and unsafe vaccines,
such as those that contain high levels of mercury. It gives
unprecedented liability protection to the drug industry and broad
powers to federal officials to hide the truth from the people about
vaccine and prescription drug risks."

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution specifies that "The powers
not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states
respectively, or to the people."

Protecting the public health was NOT delegated to the federal
government and public health laws, including laws governing use of
vaccines, have always been under the control of citizens residing in
each state.

Of major concern to vaccine safety advocates, are the following
provisions in S.3:

* Eliminates a state's right to more strictly regulate vaccines
and drugs and more fully inform their citizens about vaccine and drug
risks than does the federal government. Laws already passed in
California and Iowa limiting mercury content in vaccines would be

* Gives comprehensive liability protections to drug companies.
Eliminates a citizen's right to seek justice in state courts for drug
and vaccine injuries and deaths and limits awards in federal courts.
Gives tax credits, grants and patent extensions to the drug industry.

* Allows the Department of Health and Department of Justice, the
defendants in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, to
write the terms of their own defense in order to further limit awards
to vaccine injured children;

* Creates and funds a mandatory, national electronic tracking
operated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to monitor vital
records of citizens relating to both notifiable and non-notifiable
diseases and "new trends" and "patterns in public health." Creates
penalties for states and health care providers not reporting in
a "timely manner" to the national tracking system. There are no
provisions for mandatory reporting of serious health problems
following vaccine and prescription drug use or punishments for not
reporting serious side effects.

S. 3 is being promoted by sponsors as a military veteran benefit
bill because it raises the death benefits and other financial support
for the families of soldiers who lost their lives in the war in Iraq.

"The irony of this bill is that it is using the families of
citizens who have given their lives to defend our nation's freedom in
order to take rights and freedoms away from other families. Military
veterans should not be used to protect the drug industry and take
away the freedom for all Americans to have their voices heard through
their elected state representatives," said Fisher. "In his Inaugural
speech, President Bush said `there is no justice without freedom.'
This bill is does not serve justice or freedom."

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national, non-
profit organization founded in 1982 by parents of vaccine injured
children. NVIC worked with Congress on the National Childhood Vaccine
Injury Act of 1986 and has worked with families in states to protect
informed consent rights, including the right to have full and
accurate information on vaccine benefits and risks prior to
vaccination and make informed, voluntary vaccine decisions. NVIC
worked with families in California on the Mercury Free Act of 2004,
which limited the amount of mercury in vaccines sold in that state.

For more information, go to www.nvic.org.

Kathi Williams
National Vaccine Information Center
421 Church St., Suite E
Vienna, Va 22180

Senate Bill 3 Synopsis

Protecting America in the War on Terror Act of 2005
Prepared by: The National Vaccine Information Center

Sec 111 Expansion of Countermeasures covered by Bioshield
Within 12 months of date of enactment, Secretary to determine how the
United States can accept contributions or guarantees from private
organizations, international health agencies, non-governmental
agencies to enhance the procurement or development of drugs,
biological products, detection technologies or research tools used as
countermeasures for terrorism.

Sec 113 Restoration of Patent Term
To provide patent incentives and an incentive for capital formation
to fund countermeasures and vaccine research- must be certified under
the Homeland Security Act of 2002.
-will provide patent extensions for existing and future providers of
(Patent extensions)

Sec 114 International Harmonization of Regulations
Secretary reports annually to Congress on activities undertaken,
progress made and barriers to implementation regarding international
harmonization of regulations and efforts to establish international
standards for data exclusivity.
(Sets the stage for a global tracking system)

Sec 115 Development of Additional Animal Models
Secretary, NIAID, CDC shall establish and award grants to study the
physiological responses of certain animal species to bioterrorism
agents and other infectious agents.
-must have a biosafety level of 3 or 4
-research results belong to NIAID

Sec 116 Collaboration and Coordination
Limited Antitrust Exemptions


Sec 121 - Commission on Countermeasure and Vaccine Regulation
Establish a Commission consisting of 7 members appointed by HHS,
including those with expertise and experience in the manufacture,
regulation, distribution and use of vaccines:

- 2 shall have qualifications to inspect manufacturing facilities and
may be HHS employees;
- 2 shall represent manufacturers
- ONLY 1 shall represent vaccine consumers
- Chairperson appointed and not an HHS employee

Functions: To conduct a study of the statutes, regulations,
guidelines and compliance, inspection and enforcement practices and
policies of HHS that are applicable to vaccines intended for human
use that are in periodic short supply in the US.
-Study to include:-a review of regulatory requirements, guidelines,
practices and policies-

(1) for development and licensing and licensing of manufacturing
(2) for inspections and other activities that maintain compliance and
enforcement of the requirements to such vaccines and facilities;
(3) that may have contributed to temporary or long-term shortages of
Report and Recommendations: Within 6 months after date of enactment
the report shall be submitted to HHS, HELP Committee in the Senate
and Energy and Commerce Committee in the House and shall contain:
(1) results of the study;
(2) recommendations to regulatory requirements, guidelines and
practices, policies to reduce waste, increase efficiency and ensure
rapid availability of safe and effective products.
(Creates another government-industry dominated federal committee)

Sec 122 - Technical Assistance
Secretary and FDA Commissioner shall establish within the FDA a team
of experts on manufacturing and regulatory activities to provide both
off-site and on-site technical assistance to the manufacturers of
vaccines, if the Secretary determines that a shortage or potential
shortage may occur.

Sec 566 - Requirement to Fully Inform
Requires manufacturers to promptly submit all communications between
manufacturer and the regulatory body of a foreign government if the
content of the communications could impact the introduction of a drug
into the interstate commerce of the US.

Sec 125- Accelerated Approval of Countermeasures or Vaccines
Secretary has the authority to designate a vaccine or counter-measure
as a "fast-track" product. This Act will allow the Secretary to make
the designation prior to the submission of (1) a request for a
designation by the sponsor; or (2) prior to a drug application being

(Will allow vaccines to be licensed with fewer studies instead of

Sec 126 - National Uniformity for Approved Products
Added to:
Sec. 761- National Uniformity for Drugs, Vaccines, and Other
Biological Products

No State or judicial system of a State may establish or continue in
effect any requirement-

(1) that relates to the regulation of a drug intended for use by
humans (including a vaccine or other biological product); and

(2) that is different from the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
(Would repeal CA and IA mercury free laws and prohibit other states
from passing laws like these)

Sec 762- Warning Uniformity

No State may establish or continue in effect under any authority any
notification requirement for drug, vaccine or other biological
product that provides for a warning concerning the safety of the
drug, vaccine or biological product or any component unless it fits
under the notification requirement of this Act.

(1)Any mandatory disclosure relating to the dissemination of
information about a drug, vaccine or biological product in any manner
such as labels, labeling, public notices, advertising or any other
means of communication.

(2) The term warning means any statement, vignette, or other
representation which indicates, directly or by implication, that the
drug, vaccine or biological product presents or may present a hazard
to human health and safety.

(Prohibits the state from giving warnings to citizens about vaccines
outside of Federal standards)

Sec 763 - Exemptions from Uniformity

Secretary MAY give exemptions after notice and opportunity for
written and oral presentations from a State.

The State must show

(1) justified and compelling and unique local conditions;
(2) protects an important public interest that would otherwise be
(3) would not cause the product to be in violation of any Federal
(4) would not unduly burden interstate commerce.

(State would have to apply to a non-elected federal official in
Washington for permission to warn citizens)

Subtitle B- Litigation Reform

Sec 319-F-3 - Liability Protections for Pandemics, Epidemics and
Secretary to administer this section and applies to both Federal and
non-Federal sales and purchases of qualified countermeasures or
qualified pandemic or epidemic technologies.

Creates an exclusive Federal cause of action for claims. United
States district court will have exclusive jurisdiction over all
No punitive damages will be allowed
Non-economic damages are not to exceed $250,000 (losses of physical
and emotional pain, suffering) Can only recover non-economic damages
if there is physical harm.
Any recovery will be reduced by other forms of compensation, if any.
(Forces families into federal court for injury or death cases outside
the Vaccine Compensation Program and gives comprehensive liability
protection to drug companies)

(4)GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR DEFENSE - Protects manufacturers, health
care providers and any other producer of a countermeasure device or
technology that may be used in anticipation of and preparation for or
response and recovery of an emergency.

-gives protection for all products approved or cleared by FDA or
-is a countermeasure that the Secretary determines there is
sufficient research data or clinical experience to support a
reasonable conclusion that the countermeasure would qualify for
approval within 8 years or
-is authorized for emergency use.

(Allows any manufacturer of an FDA licensed product or a product that
could be licensed, government contractor protections- can't be sued
in civil court)

Who Gets Liability Protection?


-any product (including drugs, vaccine and other biologics),
equipment, service (including support services), device, or
technology (including information technology) designed, developed,
modified or procured for the specific purpose of preventing a
pandemic or epidemic or limiting the harm that the pandemic/epidemic
might cause.
-Health care provider - anyone who lawfully prescribes, administers,
or provides a facility to administer a qualified countermeasure.

Sec 141- Vaccine Injury Compensation and Vaccine Litigation Reform

(a) Congress finds that -

(1) there are shortcomings in the VICP and loopholes that have been
exploited in a manner that has contributed to a decline in the
availability of vaccines and a decline in the number of
manufacturers; and

(2) this condition presents a barrier to the development of vaccines
needed for bioterror countermeasures.

RECOMMENDATIONS- Based on recent litigation and the Institute of
Medicine report the Secretary and Attorney General will jointly
submit recommendations to the appropriate committees of Congress
concerning necessary modifications to the VICP and Federal rules
regarding litigation involving vaccines. Report is due within 6
months of date of enactment.
(Puts the defendants in charge of writing new rules which will result
in fewer payments for vaccine injured children)

Sec 142 -Modifications to Vaccines for Children Program
Expansion of definition of federally vaccine-eligible child and
repeals price caps for pre-1983 vaccines

(Takes away the PRICE caps put on these toxins-meaning they can make
MORE money by killing us-Expands the "definitions" of the vaccine
eligible child-NO doubt means to ADD more to these children's already
OVER running schedules of poisons they shove down them)


Sec 151 -Incentives for the Construction of Vaccine and
Countermeasure Manufacturing Facilities

Allows a tax credit for any taxable year in an amount equal to 20
percent of the qualified investment for the year with the effective
date being December 31, 2004
(Tax credit for Vaccine manufacturers)

Sec 152- Credit for Medical Research Related to Developing Vaccines
or Countermeasures

Allows for a vaccine research credit, which is an amount equal to 35
percent of the qualified vaccine or countermeasure research expenses
in a given year. Includes a credit for research and development
expenses related to re-formulating existing vaccines.

(Where is the money for seriously looking into the DEATH caused by
the vaccines they already shove down us? Oh yea, they are going to
LOOK at those just to "re-formulate" them-NOT get rid of them but "re-
formulate" them.)

Sec 153- Grants to Construct and Improve Research and Development and
Manufacturing of Countermeasures or Vaccines

Secretary may award grants to a manufacturer to purchase or improve
property used in the research and development, manufacture, or
distribution of a countermeasure or vaccine. The amounts to be
awarded are defined as "such sums as may be necessary".
("Unlimited" Grants to vaccine manufacturers to buy land on tax
payers money to make these toxins for US)

Sec 154 - Revenue Recognition for Adult and Pediatric Vaccine and
Other Countermeasures Against Potential Acts of Terrorism
Revenue derived under a Federal contract from the stockpiling,
holding, storing, rotating or other management of inventory of
vaccines or countermeasures will be deemed as income to the


Sec 171 -Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan

(1) Funding for research to develop improved influenza vaccines

(Tax payers money to go to funding more vaccines to kill us)

(2) Activities to increase public awareness on the need to be

(Tax payers money to go to more media propaganda to terrorize the
unwitting to submit to these toxins)

(3) Activities to improve international and State influenza
-conduct influenza vaccine safety and efficacy data collection

(Create the database to NOT show how these vaccines start the
epidemics but to use the numbers of deaths to incite more people to
take their toxic shots)

(4) Epi studies and other research concerning novel influenza viruses

(Just openly showing funding for research they are already doing-
Creating more mutant viruses on tax payers money)

(5) Improve Communication in the case of production problems or

(Yes by all means please make sure you know WHO is not holding their
end on getting millions of doses of toxins out to the unwitting

(6) Direct distribution

AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS: $100,000,000 FOR f y 2006 and such
sums as may be necessary for 2007-2011.

Sec 172 - National Notifiable Disease Surveillance Program

Secretary shall certify a list of infectious diseases, environmental
exposures or poisons and other conditions. CDC Director, within 1
year shall establish and maintain a national electronic surveillance
program that:

(1) Creates a standardized form for data collection and analysis

(2) Creates a procedure for data reporting

(3) A procedure for states to report new trends that may not be listed

(4) A procedure for surveillance or private sector health-related
electronic data (such as pharmaceutical purchase data and health
insurance claims)

(5) (Section I) A procedure to enable the program to receive and
report data relating to non-notifiable diseases, including vital
records, registries, chronic disease and maternal and child health

(Just more ways to track injured children and deny them the right to
a trail for their vaccine injuries-NOT to give the public a heads up
that their APPROVED toxins are killing us in larger numbers)


The Director of the CDC shall analyze data maintained by the national
electronic surveillance program and data from other sources, to
report on the prevalence and incidence of notifiable diseases and
conditions, trends and patterns in public health, emerging health
problems, regional differences, and other analyses determined
appropriate by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and

(3) Health Alert Registration and Information
-Establishes a system to register all health providers so the
Secretary can issue public health emergencies that require active

(f) Grants to States for Disease Reporting
-Allows grants to enable States to conduct passive, active and
syndromic surveillance and timely reporting of notifiable diseases.

Penalties for Not Reporting Notifiable Diseases
Beginning in 2008, if a State is not reporting all notifiable
diseases in a timely manner through the use of an electronic system,
the State will lose block grant funding. Health care providers will
also be penalized through the Social Security Act for not reporting.

(Creates and funds a national disease electronic surveillance program
operated by the CDC to track vital records and registries, diseases
and new trends and patterns in public health. Does not include
penalties for failure to report vaccine reactions)



Establishes a Public Health Workforce Loan Repayment Program to
assure adequate supply of public health professionals to eliminate
critical public health preparedness shortages in State, Federal and
Local agencies.
- Secretary will repay loans on behalf of individuals who qualify and
who have accepted employment at a Federal health agency upon
graduation for college.
- For each year of service the repayments of loans could be up to
- Hiring priority is given to those in the Program
- Authorization is "such sums as may be necessary".

(Using tax payers money to increase their numbers of toxic pushers
on us)


Requires the Comptroller General to provide for the conduct of a
study within three months of the date of enactment to evaluate
products, stockpiles, State and local responses and processes etc.


It is the sense of the Senate that the US cooperates with global and
regional organizations, and other countries to establish, enhance and
intensify a wide range of global activities to help prevent, detect,
and contain infectious disease outbreaks and bioterrorism attacks.

(Yes they must make this GLOBAL because they not only want US to be
forced into the scare campaigns and into taking their toxins but they
also want to control the world and have the ability to push these
toxins onto other countries as well-We've done WONDERS for Africa
haven't we? )



Current death benefit is $12,000 would be raised to $100,000 and
would be retroactive to October 7, 2001.

(This is the pathetic SHIELD they are hiding behind! Using military
as the carrot to reel in the true EVIL behind this bill!! They will
stoop to the lowest if that is what it takes to get what they WANT)

Life insurance maximum is increased from $250,000 to $300,000 for
service members and veterans and becomes effective the first day of
the month after date of enactment.

(Again using the precious military and MUCH needed benefits to hid
the true evil they also want to SHOVE through)

Allows for continued coverage of health insurance for dependents of
active duty service members who die and will apply to deaths that
occurred on or after October 7, 2001.

(The remainder of the proposed legislation deals with Homeland
Security issues including antiterrorism improvements and protecting
critical infrastructure. These sections were not included in this