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    Default Dine For America

    I know it is not frugal to eat out, but if you were planning on going out tonight, please check out this link:


    Today 10/5 the restaurants listed are giving up to 100% of their profits to the Red Cross and relief efforts.

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    We have been planning this for a couple of weeks now. Our local Red Lobster is giving 100% of their profits. It's a little expensive, but it's our favorite restaurant and it's for a good cause.

    Another, less expensive, buffet-style restaurant is participating also, but only giving 10% of their profits.

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    Thanks! I heard about this on one of the morning news shows & just checked the link here & TGI Friday's in my town is participating. Not sure if DH wants to go out to eat tonight we usually go there on the weekends every so often. I have been saving GOLD POINTS back when it was just TGI Friday's points.

    Hmm! Maybe I can get TAKE-OUT since I've got no clue what to cook for dinner & need to go grocery shopping. It's been a crazy day had to drive DH to work @ 6 AM & gotta go pick him up in an hour, gotta stop to visit MIL to pick up the gift they brought us back from CANADA.

    There donating
    100% of profits on 10/5 going to relief effort,
    25% of that to Dine for America


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