Not getting snail mail...
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    Default Not getting snail mail...

    Yesterday I got my Nextel bill. I was shocked to open it up and see a TWO month bill! I could have sworn I got it last month so I looked in my checkbook and couldn't find where I'd paid it

    Then I told Steve it seems alot of our regular mail has stopped. And some,although mostly junk mail,have been opened! I notified the post office today and the guy told me he'd make sure to let my carrier know and she can pay closer attention.

    I hope no one is stealing my mail.We had a problem in my community with that last year,and the lady actually went to jail (she was stealing outgoing mail,like bills,and "washing" the checks and using them!!) I try and get it soon as I see the mail lady run,but I can't always!

    This really makes me mad. I mean,if someone is gonna steal my cell phone bil,the least they can do is pay it

    Seriously,it does make me mad!


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    That would make me mad too. Hope they didn't take any checks you were suppose to receive.

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    Oh I hope it's just your post person not paying attention! The same thing happened to us years ago and it was awful. Everyone on the block started mentioning the same thing was happening to them. It stopped soon after.

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    I don't blame you Tammy, I would be livid too. How irritating to have to tell the letter carrier to "pay closer attention". She should already be paying close attention.

    I can relate to having an irritatiting mail carrier, our carrier is one of the "good ole boys" in town everyone loves him but he does not always do a very good job. We always have mail that should go to my MIL/FIL in our box and they get ours. The carrier just looks at the last name, not the address or the first name. I think it comes from living in a very small town here . I did finally break down and complain about him a couple of years ago and it got better for a little while but over time, things are back to the same old same old. I guess I should be glad that my inlaws live across the pasture from us, makes it easy to retrieve my mail, LOL.

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