Going to be a busy week
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    Default Going to be a busy week

    I am beginning to come to the realization that life is always going to be fast paced at our home.

    This weeks list of activities, besides working Mon.-Fri. include:

    Senior Luncheon #1
    Athletic Banquet at 6:30

    Honor's Banquet @ 7

    Baseball practice @ 6
    Final Exam for Environmental Science @ 6:30

    Baseball Game @ 6
    Work Scoreboard for 2 games
    DH umpire for 2 games

    Work Scoreboard for 2 games
    DH umpire for 2 games

    Day of errands and grocery shop

    I am just glad I work close to home, Mon-Fri 7:30-4 and can leave if I need to for the luncheons, etc. I really can't imangine life without having something going on. I have already registered for 4 college classes for the summer.

    Does anyone else have a busy week planned?

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    DD will be getting 2 baby teeth removed on Wednesday and I will be in lots of meetings this week.


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    Not so much planned, but I have several things I want to do.

    I want to process nine pounds of apples into baked goods (another pot of crockpot applesauce, a couple apple cakes and a few apple pies should do the trick).

    I want to put away all my new clothes, and match up some outfits for work. There are several "date" shirts and skirts and several "work" shirts and skirts that I will have to weed through first.

    I want to get ahold of some hangers so I can hang everything up and reorganize my closet.

    I want to put some boxes together to give to my mother, so she can put them in the garage sale she's planning.

    I want to get started on my exercise videos.

    I'm sure I'll think of other things throughout the week.

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    MOn work 5 am -2pm
    DS track practic
    DD softball practice
    DD physical therapy

    Tues work 3 pm -10:30pm
    DD softball game
    DS track practice
    Do FAFSA online
    Household chores

    WED off
    Mow grass
    DS Track Meet
    DD SOftball game
    DD physical therapy
    Buy DD jewelry for the Prom

    Thurs. work 5amto 2pm
    DD Softball games
    DS track practice
    Laundry Etc.

    Fri off
    Prom Hair appt at noon for DD
    get things ready for Prom
    Date coming at 5 pm
    Promenade 6 pm
    Collapse at 9 pm. LOL

    Sat. off
    DD softbal Double header
    and work the following Day

    Now I know why I am tired, LOL
    taking one day at a time, trying to get rid of debt!!

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    Kind of. Ours gears up more towards the end of the week. It's only monday & it feels like it should be Friday.

    Today, I worked 10am to 4pm.
    Tuesday will be me getting caught up on housework, aside from driving the four kids to & from 4 different schools at 4 different times.

    Wednesday evening is oldest ds's music program at school.

    Thursday's somewhat like Tuesday.

    Friday, youngest ds has the day off from school so we are going to the library & running errands. Saturday I work, Sunday I work...back to the grindstone on Monday. Blah.

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    BUsy week here also:
    Monday-Had the Grandkids today. Tonight DH & I attended a township meeting.

    Tuesday- Going out with DS#3 for the day. When hewas little we had Mommy and Me days. He is now 23 and still wants them. I love it!!

    Wednesday- Going out to the country to get flowers to plant at my Mother's house.

    Thursday Going to Moms to plant the flowers, she lives about 45 mins from me.

    Friday I plan on quilting, I hope.

    Saturday- Help DIL and DS get ready for the babys christening,

    Sunday It's Ethans big day, Baptism day!

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    Yeah I do. Today was spent doing laundry and cleaning up the house aftr leaving in a hurry and coming home tired.

    Tomorrow I'll swipe the bathrooms and reconcile a bank statement and pay bills for that account.

    Wednesday I'll reconcile another bank statement and pay bills on that account and pack to travel to sit with my nephew who was hurt in the auto accident on Wed. of last week. I'll stay for 2-3 days and come home again.
    I'll also gather up some frugal snacks and drinks for the trip, things that will help me to stay on track with my eating plan as well as my spending plan.

    I have wedding showers to make arrangements for that will be coming up soon.

    Thursday I'll drive into the city and pick up some supplies and gifts for the showers and then pick up a family member to make the 3 hour drive to see dear nephew.

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    Lets see this week:

    Tuesday DS#1 has basketball camp from 630-720pm
    DD#1 has basketball camp from 730-820pm
    AWANA youth group 6-8:15
    Thursday DD#1 has a track meet from 4-530
    DS#1 has basketball camp from 630-720pm
    DD#1 has basketball camp from 730-820pm
    Friday Take DS#1 to see his diabetes specialist at noon. This is a two hour drive for me..
    Saturday- I think I can rest. LOLOL

    DD#1 has a busier scheduale than me. She goes to school til 2:15, goes to her after school club on Mon-Thur until 5:30 and has her other things on Tues, Wed, and Thur. So on those three days she is not home until 8:30 to 9:00... Which means me too... I am glad school is almost over though.. Softball starts on the 15th for her so now there will be practices and games to fill in when the after school club and basketball camp end....
    Bonnie mom to

    DD Roari 20 who is now a JUNIOR AT BAYLOR!!
    DS Craig 18 who is still working to get his permit
    DS Jared 16 just hanging with friends
    DD Valory 11 who will now be in MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Lord help me, I have THREE teenagers TWO ADULT KIDS !!!

    Married to Lyndell for 21 years.

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    Cut down on all unnecessary things.
    Free is best.
    Get the garage completely cleaned out.
    Make the yards nice-weed, mow, plant, flowerbeds,etc.
    Stay home more/eat out less if at all.

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