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    Shorty ~ you are NOT a failure!! Stop beating yourself up, things will get better! Give it some time. I hope you are able to find the book you need soon and get back on track

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    Post Bleh

    Ugh...I survived the day but Im at a loss still...my head still feels very unclear and I know Im being superhard on myself but this really bugs me.

    I had a crapola day at work, coworker was overwhelmed with her personal family life telling me all about it and how I know nothing b/c Im not married with a baby but to be honest shes spread herself too thin and shes starting to snap and works picking up and this is the start of a long weekend so she wanted to get her things done in rush rush. We had it out today and she knows shes wrong but I cant help but wonder...was it all her? All me? Or a bit of both? Bah the day's over, its ok...Im home...ALONE. No one to irritate/aggrevate me further

    I tried to order the text online but regardless of where I order it, it could take up to 2-6 weeks to get it and this course will be over on June 28th I think. I contacted the prof and he knows theres a book situation and that Im not the only one but he's not lenient on the situation. All he told me was when I got the text on Tuesday was to read it as fast as I could and try to catch up. But I do have the 2nd text and asked if I could work ahead or would I get penalized for not following the critcal path to an exact "T" as its been laid out.

    If I drop the course on or before May 25th I will only lose $25 or so. But the whole point of me not wanting to drop it is to get this credit over and done with. The next course out of the 8 should be easier as I understand the 'web/online' platform MUCH better now. That was 90% of the battle.

    Plus if I bail out, I will feel like a failure...I dont know why I feel like that but I just do

    The weekends here, gonna sit and relax and try to calm my nerves...today Im actually feeling high strung and have the shakes.

    I'll keep y'all posted when there's an update to provide.

    OOH - this just in - he does have a heart! LOL

    Hi all,

    I understand that the books are hard to find as there were not enough ordered in time to be in school's bookstore for the start of class. BOTH BOOKS will be in the school bookstore by Tuesday of next week, for those of you who still do not yet have them.

    Please make sure that you catch up with the assignments and I will leave the quiz open for another week so that you can do it as soon as you finish the required readings etc.

    Please consult your "Critical Path" to establish what you have to do before the quiz.

    Again, by next Tuesday both books that you need will be in the bookstore. Catch up with the dates on the Critical Path as soon as possible!


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    Shorty, that's actually pretty good news. Hurray for you! Atleast he does have a heart. I am so glad you will have a chance after all. Shorty, can I say one thing? If you never try, you can never fail. If you never fail, you can never succeed. KWIM? You are not a failure!

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