2007: Proud and Not Proud
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    Smile 2007: Proud and Not Proud

    Happy New Year! In mythology, Janus was the two headed god who could look both forward and backward (hence, the namesake of January). So on this first day of January, in the spirit of Janus, I'm looking back and forward.

    2007: I'm proud of getting our financial life together enough to take early retirement.
    2007: I'm not proud of falling off my exercise plan and eating plan.
    2008: I started my exercise plan again this morning, and have outlined my eating plan for the day.

    How about you? As you reflect over the past year, what are you proud of? What didn't go so well? As you look forward, what do you intend to do?

    Let's go!!!!!!

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    2007: I'm proud of graduating college and working hard at an unpaid internship, despite personality conflicts with the director.

    2007: I'm NOT PROUD of how often I've used my credit card, because I don't have the money but "this little thing is okay."

    2007: I'm proud that I've gotten out of this bad spending habit mostly, and have only made a couple of purchases in the last weeks on my credit card (one for gas that was NEEDED, one for dinner that was with an old friend that was not needed but was still fun).

    2007: I'm proud of excercising 4 times per week since the end of October.

    2008: I want to focus more on watching what I eat and kick up my work out plan to accomplish more goals.

    2008: I'm looking forward to finding a job in my field and moving across country.

    2008: I'm planning on trying to get money saved and working on my debt to reduce it - or at least not to create more of it!

    2008: I'm looking forward to starting the visa process for my fiance to be allowed to come over and marry me in the beginning of 2009 (he's a German)!

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    2007: I'm proud of buying our first home!

    2007: I'm not proud of quitting my 5k training plan.

    2008: I'm focusing on organization and health in the new year!

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    2007: I am proud the ods graduated with high honors from high school, got accepted to the college he wanted to go to and got $9,250 in scholarships. He worked a job this past summer for money, took out a small student loan and we pitched in some money

    2007. I am not proud of our financial picture.. We are like hamsters on the wheel. Not getting ahead. Staying the same

    2008: I have started to exercise and will be proud if I keep it up

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    2007 I'm proud that I've taken an active role in our finances and can better see what's in front of me.

    2007 I'm not so proud that until I "knew" what our finances were, I spent just to be spending.

    2008 I'm looking forward to re-building our emergency fund (dipped into to replace DD's dentures that the dogs chewed up just before Christmas). as well as paying off some debts.

    2008 I'm hoping to learn to become more frugal in 2008 - using tips from this forum as well as my tightwad gazette books.

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    2007 I am proud that DH has received many achievements at work, DS#1 joined the Marines, and that I a new grandma. :-)

    2007 I am not proud that we used the credit cards as much as we did.

    2008 I am starting Dave Ramsey's baby steps again and will soon have this debt knocked out.

    ~Wife to Rick since Dec. 19, 1986~
    ~Mother to Richard, 27, Chris, 24, and Dakota, 21~
    ~Special Education Teacher~

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