Is laser hair removal a good value?
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    Default Is laser hair removal a good value?

    OK, so they're running a special where you can get your underarms done for $395 no matter how many visits it takes. I hate shaving, razors are expensive. Is it worth it? Or am I just trying to rationalize? I've been wanting to do this forever, and yes, I can afford to do it. I will still have my goal of being CC free accomplished by Sept if I do this. What do you think?

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    if YOU really want it, i would say go for it.
    for me, it wouldnt be the best move. but then again, i dont really mind shaving and i get all my razors for free at cvs. plus, i think id just be too afraid of the actual procedure.

    if youre on target for the rest of your financial goals, and YOU want it, i dont see why not. we work so hard saving and making do without, we need to treat ourselves every once in a while.

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    That's a good price for that! I'd say go for it!

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    I'm sorry to say this, but I've heard many times, it is NOT permanent and the hair does grow back eventually. Something to think about before your spend the $.

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    Laser hair removal is a good temporary way to remove hair. My friend had this done to his face- he used to be military and got tired of shaving everyday. He even had the "ideal" dark hair/olive skin combo for the procedure. After about 6-8 months, his facial hair started growing back in patches.
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