Study linking vaccines and autism a fraud
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    Default Study linking vaccines and autism a fraud

    Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds -

    A now-retracted British study that linked autism to childhood vaccines was an "elaborate fraud" that has done long-lasting damage to public health, a leading medical publication reported Wednesday.

    An investigation published by the British medical journal BMJ concludes the study's author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the 1998 study -- and that there was "no doubt" Wakefield was responsible.
    Britain stripped Wakefield of his medical license in May.
    Most of his co-authors withdrew their names from the study in 2004 after learning [Wakefield] had had been paid by a law firm that intended to sue vaccine manufacturers
    So - no evidence connecting vaccines and autism - but how much damage will be done to children who don't receive vaccines because from now on, someone is ALWAYS going to insist the link exists anyway...
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    Just to clarify: Dr. Wakefield's "research" was on the MMR vaccine and autism. There's another separate controversy about a mercury preservative in vaccines causing autism, but that preservative is no longer used in most vaccines available now.

    My oldest dd is autistic. Her younger siblings were born while the autism/vaccine debate was raging (late 90s). After discussing it with her specialists and our pediatrician, we decided to delay their vaccinations. If there were known to be an outbreak of pertussis or some other childhood disease in our area, we were going to have the kids vaccinated for that. Now that the controversy is over, we've begun their vaccinations.

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    I saw this article elsewhere today, and whoever was reporting it including that there had been several outbreaks of measles in England since the study was released.

    My son (4) was diagnosed with autism this summer, so this is a topic I'm interested in. I read enough on the vaccine studies to decide that I wasn't going to blame his autism on his vaccines, and that I would continue to give him routine vaccinations.

    Another interesting study is that over in Japan, they decided to make the MMR NOT mandatory for children recently (2005? 2006? I can't remember) and their autism rates are still rising, even without mandatory vaccination.

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    At this point it doesn't matter if the entire thing is a fraud. The damage is done. Even a lot of non vaccinating parents will tell you today that they're not worried about autism, but a host of other vague concerns.

    It's frustrating. I don't think it's going to be fixed until till we have a good old fashioned epidemic.
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    Well, they can say what they want, but I will never believe them. I watched my normal child go from saying a handful of words (age appropriate-he was just a baby) to non-speaking and only grunting in two days after he got shots. He then had three years of speech and OT to make him "normal" (well, as normal as he is going to get). For years, we thought his "career choice" was going to include Goodwill because he didn't learn to read until he was 10 years old (not because we didn't try everything under the sun). My best guess as "Dr. Mom" is that he had a predisposition for it and the vaccine triggered something.

    Interestingly enough is that he is a twin and his twin has had no bad reactions to the vaccines.
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    I don't have any autistic children but I was a preschool teacher years ago to one boy who was severly autistic and it was hard to get him involved in the class. I know that he loved music and that's where I reached him and made him smile. Wonder where he is today he's probably 18.

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