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    Nuisance, I have felt that because of or even perhaps in spite of = everything we do, that our children will grow up just fine. Now, I know that there are special circumstances as many of my students and your son may/are in - and yet, I still have high hopes for all of them.

    Years ago we were in terrible financial straits and I had the hardest time sleeping, let alone function. Decided at night that I would mentally package up each individual roblem or worry and toss the package - in my mind- into the ocean - across the street. I knew they were still therre, accessible when I wanted to work on them - but not my immediate burden.

    I also had an amazing response to my prayers. I fell asleep one night and dreamt/felt that my whole being was being tendered cradled in God's hands. I can still feel that wonderful sense of calm that God was taking care of it all - I wish that feeling for you all.

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    I needed this today, too. Thanks.

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    This is so true! Just last week I was getting very worried about an upcoming meeting in work. I was initially concerned about a small issue that had to be discussed during it which then turned into me worrying about the general security of my job. Eventually I was convinced that how well the meeting went had a pretty strong relation to how likely it would be that I would continue to be employed.

    When the meeting rolled around it went better than I ever could have imagined and in hindsight I realise even if it had went badly it wouldn't have had the detrimental impact I worried it would.

    My mother has always said, "If you worry, you die. If you don't worry...you die."

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