Hello and a question about contact lenses
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    Default Hello and a question about contact lenses

    First I want to say I'm glad I found this forum. It looks like it is lively and helpful.

    I don't wear contact lenses but I know people who do. What are some inexpensive sources of contacts and wetting solution and all the things that go with contacts?

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    I dont' know about inexpensive options but I can tell you that the Once daily wear are not cheap. THey are the most comfortable and require no care or solutions to buy but the cost of wearing them is about 2.00 a day.

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    i go thru mypoints.com and order thru walmart or walgreens when they have a sale and a coupon code so i get a lower price to start -an extra % off usually free shipping and points i will use towards a gift card.

    i wear dailys because i have so many issues with the contact solutions and sensitivities even those for sensative eyes and i tend to have extra protien biuld up when i wear weeklies etc .

    i do mono vision rather than bifocal lenses because i am not well adjusting to the bifocal lenses -your eye is supposed to decide where to look thru the lens and it takes a few secs and i guess i am just too busy and too impatient so i wear a lower # on one eye and the # i need to correct vision on the other and if i am close the right eye takes over with the lower # .

    i never was told about this option by a dr i found out thru a family member -

    anyway if i go thru walgreens when they have an extra 20% off i can get a 3 month supply of my daily lenses - both eyes for under 85c a day .

    not including i get points towards a GC i will use for my kids for christmas.

    i have thought of lasik but have had pts ar work where easy eye procedures at excellent facilities ( wills eye etc ) had issues and they lost vision - even if its a one in 10,000 chance - its a risk to me i am not willing to take at this point in my life

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    I found that buying my contacts through my optometrist was such a bargain vs going to WalMart or 1-800 contacts PLUS the bonus is if there's a problem with them, I have no hassles of returning them and trying out a different brand. The other bonuses - I get several trial pairs and the solutions are sold at half the retail price. Not sure if thats just my optometrist's office or if all are like that.

    BTW: laser eye surgery isn't always an option for everyone. You need to fit into their strict criteria for successful surgery plus the results don't always last past 10-20 years. Friends who've had it done while they were young are now needing touch ups (didn't even think that was possible) and/or had to wear glasses after the surgery for reading/driving.

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    I 2nd the lasik.... best money I ever spent!

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