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    Default feeling blah

    The days are warmer, I have been outside enjoying the sun. I have been gardening and such, but i can't seem to shake the "ick" feeling i am dragging around. I wonder if it's the pollens in the air making me miserable or a cold coming on? I can't pinpoint the general malady but i can't shake it off either.

    anyone else have that? feel like somethings going on, but can't pinpoint why ya feel like that?

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    we have had gorgeous weather the ast 3 weeks,above temps sunny
    I still cant seem to shake the blahs either.And now my allergies are bothering me too.My son has red itchy eyes too,makes him misrable.Maybe once I can get the garden going I will feel better
    Hope you feel betteer soon

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    Yes, I get that feeling often! Ya know what helps me? Go somewhere ~ it helps me feel better every time! I sometimes spend too much time at home, so I go for a walk, or just to the grocery store, run an errand, or down the street to visit a neighbor, to the park, etc. Whenever I do that I come home and feel refreshed, lol! I tend to get cabin fever, so maybe that is what you are experiencing also? Feel better soon!

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    well, going thru a hard time for a couple months now, i know why i'm in an "ick" feeling...
    but sometimes just not having the motivation to do anything, just feeling tired, lack of nutrition, lack of desire... can bring that on.
    for me, it's all that... and then some.
    but i'll make it thru.
    and so will you.

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    We went from upper 60's-lower 70's just a day or so ago to being nearly 100 today! I'm feeling a bit icky too!!

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