Do any of you have this Sewing/Emb. Machine or can you...
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    Default Do any of you have this Sewing/Emb. Machine or can you...

    Do any of you have this machine or can you recommend a similar combo machine that is reasonably priced? I am looking at getting something similar for my birthday in a few weeks and I would love any advice you can give me

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    I don't have that machine, but this site has several reviews for it. The last few times I've purchased a sewing machine, I've checked it out here beforehand. You'll have to scroll pretty far down the list to find the reviews for the SE350.

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    This is just a sewing machine with a few small fancy stitch designs. Not a true embroidery machine. So it depends on what you're wanting to do with it. If you want to just embellish hems, or shirt pockets fine, if you want to do actual embroidery, then not the right machine.
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    Look at They have a huge variety. I bought my White Serger from them sight unseen and have never regretted it. On the other hand, if you want help and support, you might be better off buying one at a local dealer who provides service, etc. I would never buy a machine from Walmart, period.

    Something you want to consider when looking at embroidery machines is the hoop size or stitch-out area. I have a 14-year-old machine and it's only 4 X 4 inches, which is limited. I don't expect to ever upgrade, but I'd make stitch-out area one of my priorities if I did.

    I take it you don't want an embroidery-only machine, but a combo sewing machine. I'd suggest going to a machine embroidery forum and getting some info. You need to think about so many factors. It's really nice to have a machine that allows you to change the bobbin in the middle of stitching. You'll need to know if the machine comes with digitizing software if you want it and how many designs are included, etc. One of the things that shocked me was how expensive all of the supplies are. Machine embroidery thread is expensive, and you have to buy stabilizers, etc., so there is sort of an initial investment.

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    I've had a pfaff for 10 yrs or so....and the only problems I've had I caused! Do not be tempted by Walmart sewing machines. EVER~ Check out local sewing machine repair shops and quilt shops. Some people are always trading up. I used the embroidery for a while, then it didn't get used. Make sure it has a good alphabet set built into the machine.

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    I agree with vickilynn, although I have Janome sewing machines! I would check out any quilt shops or sewing centers in your area, there are always machines there that people turn in when they upgrade. They get refurbished and are like new. I have seen some good deals when I go into my shop.

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