Can anyone rec. a good dip/nub pen?
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    Default Can anyone rec. a good dip/nub pen?

    I just discovered my 67 year old father has been working on writing an autobiography of sorts for future generations of our family to enjoy- on his computer. He has decided he wants to hand write it instead and has asked specifically for a quality 'dip' pen, the old fashion kind you dip into ink, for Christmas. I know nothing about them and would love to know some good makers/brands! Have peeked aorund on eBay, many seem to be plastic, running around $10...I'd really like to find a nice wood or bone one...can anyone point me in the right direction?Is there preferred 'tip'size or type for writing (not calligraphy)? Thank you!

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    There are some lovely glass dipping pens here, but I don't know how much you want to pay. There may be others, but finding them isn't straightforward - there's no search - and the customer service # isn't toll free. I've used this company and been pleased with my purchases and the service. Glass Pens ~ Fountain Pens, Roller Balls, Ball Points, and Pencils

    I've also bought from Pendemonium - it's also a good company.

    Another good one is Pear Tree Pens ( though I see their site is temporarily down for inventory.

    I would suggest that you visit the forums at Fountain Pen Network and search there. You could also register - it's free - and ask for advice and recommendations. It's amazing what they know about pens over there.

    The Fountain Pen Network

    Good luck finding what you want!

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