I need a template (or some ideas?)
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    Default I need a template (or some ideas?)

    Somebody has ordered a personalised wedding card from me and two Christening cards, one for a boy and one for a girl (this is really good as I have NO Christening cards on show, I've never made one! So they just 'trust' me!)

    Anyway as I've never made a Christening card I was thinking of name & date obviously and perhaps a pair of decorated satin bootees? in white backed with pink or blue. Original I know lol.

    So I need a template for the bootees and I can't find one - or alternatively some different ideas


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    Bev~I don't know where you can get any, but if you have a picture of something in mind you can trace it on a piece of paper and then lay the paper on a poster board or box and use an exacto knife or hobby knife to cut it out. Then you will have your own homemade template.

    I am sure they will come out beautiful as always.

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