A Tale of Two Weddings
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    Default A Tale of Two Weddings

    About the time that Sue, one of DH's neices, got married, an old friend's daughter, Amy, also got married.

    [I live far away, so didn't attend either wedding.]

    Chris, Amy's mom, talks to me frequently, so I know that they have a paid-up mortgage and no consumer debt. I cannot say the same thing about Ellie and her husband -- DH's relatives -- I KNOW they have a mortgage; and I suspect consumer debt as well.

    I would guess that Chris' family income is about half of Ellie's. But you wouldn't be able to tell from their house or clothes or house decorations -- Chris is a thrifty, smart shopper.

    My neice Sue's wedding cost $17,000. I don't know the particulars, but there were several bride's attendants; the dress was probably bought at an upsale boutique; and the reception was held at a sit-down restaurant. There was a dj at the reception. Professional photographer.

    Amy's wedding cost $1,000. Amy bought her dress at the JC Penney prom shop -- after prom season. Her only attendants were her sisters. Chris bought HER dress for $20 at Value City (a chain like Ross, Marshall's, Burlington Coat factory). Her reception was held at home; and Chris fed her guests 'heavy hor d'oevres' that she made from scratch. Chris even made Amy's weddign cake!

    Now, I'm sure that Sue got more gifts and nicer gifts than Amy did. But, isn't the purpose of the wedding to celebrate? (Not to gather gifts?) And, did she get $16,000 worth of 'better' gifts?

    Sue did entertain MORE people than Amy did. I think Amy's wedding reception had about 30 or 40 people. Sue's probably had about 300.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on weddings: What have you seen at the weddings you've attended? What impressed you? Waht wasn't worthwhile? What did you spend more on (or less on) for your wedding? What kind of spending will you do for your daughters' weddings?

    From what I gather, the $17,000 wedding had some disappointments -- the weather turned unexpectedly cold; and Sue had a sleeveless gown. Also, the reception was held on the restaurant patio. "BRRRR," summarized my in-laws.

    I'm sure Amy's wedding had some snafu's too. But at least no one went into debt for a party that had big problems.

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    I told my daughters that we'll give them 'a big wedding and a small check ... or a small wedding and a large check!'

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    My wedding cost me the amount for the rings, a casual dress for me and a nice shirt for DH.. That was it.. We were married at his parents house, my grandmother bought the sheet cake, and his parents did a pizza reception... I had no attendants-my dad and his step dad signed, and there were maybe 25 people there.. DH grandfather did the officiating. It was simple(a little too simple for me), and nice... It was very inexpensive...

    Brother got married, and I did all the boquets, helped with the decorations, food was prepared by friends, as well as the hair, music, photos etc... Ringbearers and the flower girls all wore Easter dresses and suits that were marked down from Wal Mart.. Bridesmaid dress was made, but the bridesmaid paid for it..They saved alot so that they could go to New York for the honeymoon.. (OH yeah they were married in their backyard under the gazeebo...)

    Sister got married at a church and it only cost 45.00 because our mom belonged to the congregation.. I again made all the boquets, and alter flowers.. Her reception was at a state park, we did all the food, picked wild flowers for center pieces, and had an uncle take the photos.. She had three attendents two sisters and a friend. We all paid for our own dresses that we found at a local store.. They weren't even for weddings, and the guys wore plain grey suits they got at JC Pennys, only the Groom wore a tux( and my dad).. Her wedding was maybe 1800.00.. And it was a full church style wedding...

    Dear sis in law on the other hand had one of the most expensive dresses, hired a photographer, hair and make up person, and got married at a huge church where it cost them 250.00, she hired someone to make all the boquets, and such She had four attendants, two flower girls, and a ring bearer... Their dresses were all pretty much special orders since one was pregnant, one had a "large top", and the others had unusual sizes...He too had four attendants and they ALL wore tuxes...even the ring bearer... Her wedding topped out at over 5000.00 and they are still paying her parents back a lot of it.. I still think that my sisters wedding was just as nice, if not better and it cost a fraction of sis in laws...

    Sorry this is long.
    Bonnie mom to

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    DD Valory 11 who will now be in MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Lord help me, I have THREE teenagers TWO ADULT KIDS !!!

    Married to Lyndell for 21 years.

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