Article: Speed Cleaning Tips From Cleaning Pros
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    Default Article: Speed Cleaning Tips From Cleaning Pros

    I thought this was a good little article about how professionals clean, and why they are able to clean faster than most of the rest of us. The biggest reason is that they just do the job without allowing any distraction. Although that may not be an option for those who are home with small children, there are some other good tips about simplifying supplies and tasks.

    Make Every Movement Count
    Professional cleaners don't circle a room more than once. Taking their place before the bathroom sink, they'll spray and wipe the mirror, scrub the sink, wipe down counters and polish fixtures before they move one inch to the right or left.
    Don't get physical with your cleaning sessions—make every movement count. Stand fast and clean everything in your path before you move on.
    Two Hands Are Better Than One
    Professional cleaners don't work as if one arm is in a sling, and neither should you. Get in the habit of using both hands to attack cleaning tasks.
    Spray a mirror with one hand, wipe it down with the other. Scrub counters with two sponges or cleaning cloths, not just one. Dusting goes twice as fast when a lambs wool duster in one hand cleans nooks and crannies while the feather duster in the other skims flat surfaces.

    Read Full Article Here

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    That was a fun read. I agree with the music and it helps me stay focused and motivated. I just crank it up and go to town.

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    Great article and yes, when I clean homes I tote all the tools with me so when a room is finished I don't have to go back to it. It makes such a difference in the amount of energy I have when I'm finished and heading back home.

    At home however, I will do it differently: one tool, one job, one floor. So all my glass/mirrors get cleaned, then the dusting gets done, then all my vacuuming. I try to do the wet rooms on different days since they take more time and energy to begin with.
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    Good article, I especially like the tip to clear horizontal surfaces.

    There's a book, Speed Cleaning, that outlines a lot of these tips as well.

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