How do you organize your spices?
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    Question How do you organize your spices?

    Are they all in alphabetical order or helter skelter? And where are they stored? What do you store them in?

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    They are grouped by first letter on a cabinet that has a built in lazy susan. I've got lots. They are in ther original container or in a labeled container that I refill using a larger economical bottle of that spice.

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    When I cleaned out the pantry this spring I threw lots away! So now I only have the basics and when canning I only bought small ones so they wouldn't sit in my cupboard for years again.

    I have so few, they occupy the bottom shelf in my smallest cupboard and the ones I use all the time are in my spice rack. Not alphabetized or in any order and still in the containers they were purchased in.

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    I have a bunch of tupperware containers, most of which I got given to me by a friend tossing them out. I fill them with bulk spices from the bulk bins at the grocery store, and I did buy the little label paper that tupperware sells.

    They sit on 2 scraps of lumber. I am not even sure 2x2??? or is it a 2x4

    I think, it's 2 of the 2x4 in back and a 2x2 scrap in front.

    I got one of those cute little coated wire "bleachers" for the spices kind of like seats at a game

    BUT they are AWFUL. Maybe it's cause I bought cheap ones but they wouldn't sit right on them and fell over.

    My freeby lumber from the scrap barrel holds them much more securely and I set it up so they sit like bleachers or seats at the theatre

    and I can spot their little labels and grab them. Easy to put away too when they aren't fallling, spilling all over each other.

    The thing I HATE about the tupperware lids though is they are HARD TO OPEN!!!! I know they need to seal in the good taste, but at the cost of my nails??????

    I whack the lid on my counter to open the little blighters, skinning my knuckles as often as not.

    hhhhmmmmmm come to think of it, maybe I should investigate a different jar type???? The tupperware ones are cute, and I"ve had them a long time, but opening them has always been a problem

    didn't think of it till I wrote this out.

    thanks CJ.

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    Speaking of spices, my mother used to keep some in the fridge. And I can't for life of me remember what they were. Does any one store some of their spices this way? And would you let me know what they are?
    Thanks, pkellyc

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