What's Going On Today Sat. 11/17?
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    Default What's Going On Today Sat. 11/17?

    I have out on errands. I have already been to post office, bank and filled up car. The rest of the day I need to:

    ~Finish and put away laundry
    ~Clean Bathrooms
    ~Sweep Floors...mop Kitchen floor
    ~Hang new curtains and toppers in bedroom
    ~put on a new bedskirt
    ~Give Medium furbaby a bath - little furbaby already got a shower this morning
    ~clear off dining room table
    ~Pay bills
    ~Finish crocheting bed topper for my bed
    ~watch TV and relax
    ~Fix Supper
    ~Watch more TV and relax

    Have a Great Saturday Everyone!

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    Hubby is gone deer hunting, so I'm just puttering around. I'll clean up a bit, work on a grocery list and watch the Broncos/Vandals game!

    Go Broncos!

    More wagging - Less barking

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    My 4 yo neice has a birthday party today, so we are heading out to that. Just putzing around the house gettig a few minor things done.

    My boss called this morning, his dad was killed in a car accident near Indianapolis last night, guess it was a really bad 5 car accident, They were rear-ended, his mom is stable but badly injured. He was 85, she 84. I feel so bad for my boss.

    Fed the hens/gathered eggs
    Fed the dogs
    Made the family a hot breakfast
    Took a shower
    went through e-mail
    did some dishes

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    Saturdays are stay home & clean days for us. The beds have been stripped and thrown in the washer. Downstairs has been straightened up & vacuumed. I scrubbed the stove top/burners and put clean tablecloths on the tables.
    Did a little homework and got a little knitting in while watching a movie with the kids.

    After dinner, dh & I are going out to do a little Christmas shopping

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    Kids had bowling this morning. Went grocery shopping. Went to lunch treated by mom. Picked up doughnuts for Sunday Morning treat with coupon I had. Home redo-ing some lists and payment plans. I will clean a little tonight so tomorrow will be a relax day with NOTHING to do but go to mom's for football and snacks!

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