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    Yesterday, got 2/3. Didn't finish reading the summary.


    1) Take mom to eye appt
    2) Clean up kitchen and bedroom
    3) Pick up clutter from livingroom floor

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    cleaned up stairs Living room dusted picked and decluttered
    cleaned up bath room
    washed 2 sets of sheets
    washed couch blankets
    bible devtional all done
    to do pick up kitchen and go get grandma from hospital..

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    Thurs list

    change bed
    clean off top of dryer

    Mar grocery 87.66/250.00
    Feb coupon 2.20
    YTD grocery 687.99
    YTD coupon 68.10

    New Recipe 10/24
    Items repurposed
    Twenty wishes 0/20

    as of 3-4

    1. clean/organize linen closet 2. organize/purge medicine cabinet 3. make at least one new recipe a month 0/12 4. learn to make 3 items from scratch 5. tame kitchen freezer 6. read To Kill A Mockingbird 7. watch Gone With The Wind 8. limit on-line game time to 30mins a day 9. write a letter monthly to MIL 10. make AND mail Christmas cards 11. repurpose 3 old items into something new 12. participate in monthly photo hunt 13. make 1 rag quilt 14. use exercise bike 4x wk 15. lose 3lbs a month 16. make work plan for camper 17. learn to back-up camper 18. participate in 1 SOTF get-together 19. complete dental work needed 20. say I Love You to loved ones daily

    Personal challenge, 5 A Day
    put away, throw away, give away
    at least 5 items a day

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    OK - not posting every day, but getting stuff done - here's yesterday's list:

    Set up apptmt with realtor for Sat
    filled/ran dishwasher
    organized and tidied up bedroom, rec room, kitchen, master bath, guest room and dining room
    dusted rec room
    cleaned bathroom sink and floor
    researched additional houses to view
    bought mop and salt for softener
    went to a wake
    Scooped kitty litter

    emptied, refilled dishwasher - done
    washed some dishes that had to be done by hand - done
    cleaned sinks, kitchen counter and stove - done
    reminded bf I need boxes - done
    Sweep kitchen, foyer and stairs, then mop
    dust and vac master bedroom
    Get job
    Eat healthier
    Get more sleep

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