Supersonic Hybrid -First tomato of the season
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    Default Supersonic Hybrid -First tomato of the season

    The first tomato was picked today, Supersonic Hybrid. there are 41 large, healthy tomatoes on this one plant. The bed consists of two plants of about 15 different types. All are indeterminate. The support system is a six foot rebar, using strings to support the various branches. Spirals and rings are also used. The objective is to allow the fruit to form without crowding. No fruit is allowed to lay on the ground. Only a few suckers are removed, when they are causing overcrowding. Fruit production should be about a month earlier, but I was away so could not start the seeds at the end of February. No water was added to this heavily mulched bed. There was sufficient rainfall, and much hot, sunny weather this year.

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    Looks tasty.

    We've had tomatoes for a few weeks here in the south, but so much rain most of them rotted. It's finally dried out enough that they're ripening in quantity.
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    Looks great!!

    So many here have bombed.

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    Wonderful, Durgan! I always love your garden posts-so informative and inspiring. You are also a very good photographer.

    The weather here has been perfect for tomatoes-hot, humid, and lots of rain. Very unusual for my state-it's been feeling quite amazon-like here but my tomatoes love it! Which is good because nothing else liked that weather and gave up the ghost.

    I also have indeterminate tomatoes, and yesterday I sadly topped them because even with a ladder it was too much for me. I hope I did the right thing. Perhaps they will concentrate on making more fruit now.

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    Great looking tomatoes, ours are a month behind, we couldn't plant until the middle of june.

    I also enjoy reading your posts, I look forward to them.
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