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    Default Got bugs

    Went out to check the garden last night and noticed little black egg looking things on the underneath of my squash leaves. I saw one squash bug and killed it. I had ants, but they are not there today.
    What is a good insecticide that is safe?
    My squash is producing female and male flowers, I am so close to producing squash!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    You can remove a few leaves to open up the squash plant. Air and light will discourage the squash bugs, they like damp and rotting conditions.

    Ants are good. They are pollinators. Dealing With Ants In The Vegetable Garden | Veggie Gardener

    Generally, unless the bugs are actually eating your plants it is best to leave them alone. Especially spiders. They are icky but spiders eat the bad bugs.

    I have no idea what the black things are. They could be harmless or a sign of infection. Can you share a photo?
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    I planted them in a raised flower box, and it is rather crowded. So if I trim back the squash and zucc plants, they won't die?

    I took another look. It isn't black eggs. It is yellow/white looking eggs and I found a few caterpillar looking bugs. Any idea what these are?
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