Soil Block Mold Testing
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    Default Soil Block Mold Testing

    Soil Block Molds - Lee Valley Tools Soil Block Molds. Purchased soil block mold from Lee Valley. Testing this device to determine if germination is better, and if easier to transplant in outdoor garden. Chose Pak Choy and Snow Peas for my test.

    26 April 2014 Soil Block Mold Testing 26 April 2014 Soil Block Mold Testing
    Snow peas were used to test my new soil block mold. The objective is to get the peas to sprout then place the soil mold in the outdoor garden. This prevents disturbing the roots, and the germinating environment can be controlled. The soil block was placed in a muffin mold to reduce breaking the block when handling. Soil used was my home made mixture.
    Durgan Garden Journal

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    I bought a soil blocking mold recently but have not yet tried it. By the time I got it, all my spring vegetables were already in 4 inch pots and almost ready to plant. I plan on setting the soil blocks on a gardening tray when I use them, but it will be August before I plant my fall vegetables.

    I'm curious to hear what you think of it once you have given it a try and whether the muffin tin is required to hold them together or not.

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