Companion Planting Herbal Planting for the Organic Gardener
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    Default Companion Planting Herbal Planting for the Organic Gardener


    Basil. Planting with tomatoes will improve growth and flavor and will repel flies and mosquitoes. Do not plant near Rue.

    Bay Leaf. A fresh bay leaf in the containers of beans or grains will deter Weevils or moths.

    Bee Balm. Also recommended for planting with tomatoes to improve growth and flavor.

    Borage. Tomatoes, squash and strawberries are the companion plants. Deters tomato worms.

    Caraway. Good for softening compacted soil.

    Catnip. Deters flea beetles.

    Chamomile. Heightens flavor of cabbage and onions.

    Chervil. Companion to radishes for better flavor and growth.

    Dill. Bolsters growth and health of cabbage. Do not plant near carrots or fennel.

    Garlic. Place near roses and other plants to repel aphids.

    Hyssop. Companion plant to grapes and cabbage (deters cabbage moths. Plant away from radishes.

    Lovage. Improves the flavor and health of most plants.

    Marjoram. Will produce better flavor in all vegetables.

    Mint. White cabbage moths are repelled while improving the health of cabbage and tomatoes.

    Peppermint. Companion plant to cabbage, beans, carrots and sage. Deterrent to carrot flies, beetles and cabbage moths.

    Rue. Keeps Japanese beetles out of roses and raspberries.

    Sage. Companion plant to rosemary, cabbage and carrots. Will deter carrot flies, beetles and cabbage moths. Plant away from cucumbers.

    Summer Savory. Plant with onions and beans for improved health and flavor. Discourages cabbage moths.

    Tansy. Plant with fruit trees, roses and raspberries. Acts as a deterrent to flying insects, Japanese beetles striped cucumber beetles, squash bugs and ants.

    Thyme. Deterrent to cabbage worms.

    Wormwood. Planted around the border of the garden, it acts to keep animals out.

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    Thanks for that, I'm just starting to think about planting some veg for this year so it was pretty timely.

    I also been told that planting nasturtiums (sp) near to potatoes helps protct them from pests - plus you can eat the nasturtium flowers in your salad.

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