Are you getting low on veggies from your garden in 2005?
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    Question Are you getting low on veggies from your garden in 2005?

    Yes, I'm out of frozen carrots, only a couple packages of green beans left. I still have one bag of potatoes which will last probably until the first week in Feb. if I stretch how many we have a t a meal.

    I realize now I didn't plant enough carrots nor potatoes.

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    All I have left are dried herbs and peppers, and salsa.

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    The potatoes are gone; they lasted 3 month. The peas only lasted about 2 meals. And I had germination difficulties with the carrots, followed by an Attack Slug, so I knew I wouldn't have enough of those.

    We're still working on green beans, shredded zucchini, and pumpkin puree.

    I'm almost out of blackberry mushy stuff. I'm not sure what to call it. I milled the seeds out of blackberries, then concentrated that liquid down to something spoon-able, and froze that in sheets. I didn't process much because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. When I started making my own yogurt, I began using a lot of the blackberry stuff as sweetener/fruit.

    I think I may have a few more dried apples (from the neighbor's tree) over at my moms. After drying them, I froze them.

    I'm hard at work planning for '06.

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    My garden vegetables were eaten on the way into the house.
    Couldn't help myself.. they were so delicious.
    This week, I borrowed canning how-to books from the library. I'm going to try my hand at this year- with alot of help from the village people!

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    I still have quite a lot left. I'm now wondering if I put too much up, especially of the peppers and the jams.

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    Not enough tomatoes or zucchini left. Gobs of chiles left, though! I'm going to "donate" some to the neighbors this week. LOL Just about the right amount of jam left.

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    This is one of my weak areas ---- I still have a lot of stuff in the freezer. DS won't eat ANYTHING with tomatoes --- unless it is pizza or maybe lasagne. When I froze tomatoes, I envisioned making lots of soup but I hate to make something DS won't eat. (I guess he could just eat peanut butter when we have soup?) Neither DS or DD like the corn we froze. And I still have LOTS of sweet potatoes in the basement. THey keep better in the basement than if I bring a boxfull to the kitchen (to eat out of for several days) and I tend to "forget" they are in the basement.

    On the bright side, DS does like the pickled okra I made.

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