Target "Bonus Buys"?
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    Default Target "Bonus Buys"?

    I'm sorry if there is already a thread on this and I missed it.

    I was getting some groceries at target tonight and I saw that for some items they had special offers, such as for Special K granola bars, if you bought 4 boxes, you got a $5 target giftcard(essentially $5 off) and if you bought 2 boxes of pop tarts or 2 boxes of nutra grain bars, you got a free gallon of milk.

    I've never really seen stores around here do those types of giveaways before, usually its just the standard "buy one get one free" type thing.

    Has anyone else seen this at their Targets or other stores? Do you think its a good deal? I can't drink a whole gallon by myself before it goes bad, and i was afraid i'd get sick of the granola bars with that many boxes, but maybe they'll offer this deal on other items soon?

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    I seldom shop at Target but will check next time I am in mine.

    Depends on what the price of the item is.........if it is lots more than some other store would have it on sale for then no......not good. We have a store here that will do that but the price of the item you have to buy is half again as much as another store.

    On some other threads there has been discussions about freezing milk. I haven't done it.....but some do. (I don't have the room in my freezer)

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    I freeze milk all the time and wish I'd know about it much earlier in my life.

    Also wish we had a Target on this island. So far, only Oahu and the Big Island have Targets. Perhaps someday!!

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