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    Default cvs deals

    cvs has some amazing deals today and tomorrow
    alot of stuff that you get the money back on that would be good stocking stuffers - gifts and some stuff u can use usually anyway like cereal batteries etc.
    i saved for this as i expect it each year - spent under 100 $ at each cvs and got 4 bags of stuff at 2 different cvs's ( 0ne with my card one with dh ) and got all but 20$ back in ECB which i will use on sales thru the next month to stock up on things we normally use .
    if you have the available funds to put out upfront and shop there regularly you can get quite the great deals .

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    I scored a lot of stuff-- I actually made money because of coupons Hurray for getting more back in ECBs than you actually spend!!!

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    I went today, with 4 transactions and coupons I spent $5.10 out of pocket for almost $100 of stuff! Started with 16 ecbs, ended with over $15...not too shabby!
    Slow and steady wins the race....eventually!
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    I did a few deals at CVS on Friday afternoon...they were out of alot of stuff but was happy with what I got....I spent $20 oop because I didn't feel like breaking it down but got back $27. Used that today to do the Tide & Oral B, spend $30 and get back $10 gc so I am happy....

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