Found a great way to organize coupons!
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    Lightbulb Found a great way to organize coupons!

    I may have finally found a way to keep my coupons strait. It takes some effort to begin, but well worth it!

    I made a "master list" of things we buy each month. Then I made categories for the coupons as they fell into each item on the list.

    I found that the coupons were easier to work with if I stapled them to an index card - began using 4x6" sizes.
    I used the 5x8 sizes to make dividers ......

    Used each 4x6 for a different product or product - I am not picky about the brand of yogurt we eat so I put all yogurt coupons on the same card....when I find a sale, its easy to pull the yogurt card and compare coupons to prices.

    For shampoos, I had so many shampoos that I began putting each brand on its own card. The 5x8 divider "hair - shampoo".

    I still needed a way to go through them and not worry if the box dropped or where the card came from....

    I began using three ring binders - 2" or bigger. Everyone seems to be throwing these out, especially at offices and at the end of school. I put each category in its own binder and it was easy to go through Health/Beauty with its binder open.

    When you need the coupon, pull it and the staple out of the card. You can use the same card next time you get a coupon for it.

    If you cant find binders (for goodness sakes, don't buy new ones!) try this...

    At the hardware store, buy about 12 each of the following:
    lag bolts, 3/16 by 4"
    large washers (fit 3/16)
    nuts for same

    punch holes in the bottom of the index cards and label them as you desire. Use the bolts to string them together. Dont make them tight because you want to be able to lay them open half-way so you can see the coupons.

    With nothing but a hole punch, stapler and pen, my coupons stay neat and reliable!

    Other tips.....

    make "flags" out of different colored post-it notes (five out of one 3" square) so that you can mark the coupon expiration dates.....make a master (ie-9/15 are all hot pink) card in the front of your cards so that you can pull coupons that are going to expire BEFORE they do so....then deside if you need to use them!

    No need to flag coupons without an expiration date.

    A plastic bin with a connected lid is a great place to keep the coupons.....its their home with the stapler, pen, and loose coupons and circulars get laid inside for your weekly review.

    Index cards are on sale now at Office Max.....only 3x5 at my local, but its 300 for .90! Also, At Office Depot, 500 of the larger are a better deal than the same size at Office Max.

    You can use the hole punch machines at the local officesupply store before you leave the store! Other places, Teacher's supplies and libraries.

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    Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them.

    BTW, Welcome to the Village!!!! I'm so glad you joined us and are jumping right in posting. I look forward to getting to know you!

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