What is a frugal journal?
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    Default What is a frugal journal?

    I have read a few of you mention that you keep a frugal journal, or are writing one to give to your kids. What is this exactly? Thanks

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    For me its a combination of things it started out as a cookbook to give to my soon to be daughter-in-law. In each part I have recipes and ideas for inexpensives ways to do things. Also family photos and suggestion from everyone from Great Grandma(we're lucky to have her around and still sharp as a tack) to the far flung relatives.
    My second cousin who added a few items has asked for copies of sopme of the parts for a similar cookbook for her future dil.
    Alot of the ideas and suggestions may sound simple and common to you or I but to alot of young folks who don't live with moms who cook or are frugal its virgin terriory. My future dil didn't know how to plan out a weeks menu ti we sat down on day and I was making out mine. Her mom always stopped on the way home and bought what ever or they went out. (Now I know why the word has come back to me that they can't afford the big wedding she wants!)

    Laurie in BRadenton

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    My frugal journal is where I keep frugal tips, list of our goals, recipes, etc.

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    I thought it was more like a diary of your current spending habits with tips on how to reduce spending. I just use a sprialbound notebook I purchased at the local dollar store.

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