A Great Home Remedy for Nausea
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    Smile A Great Home Remedy for Nausea

    Whether you’re pregnant, suffer from motion sickness, or are fighting some sort of flu bug, there's a very thrifty, natural home remedy for your nausea.

    Simply mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey, and add it to a large glass of cool water. You can drink this mixture straight away, or if you’re pregnant and suffer from morning sickness, drink it before you go to bed. Cider vinegar has been used to cure nausea and other ailments for hundreds of years.

    Being able to doctor yourself or your loved ones is a valuable frugal living tip, and one of the most beneficial ways to save money.

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    I will have to try this!! Thanks so much!!

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    I know ginger candies also help with nausea. They are being used with chemo patients as a more natural method to control nausea. Not recommended for use while pregnant though.

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    I lived on Ginger ale during my first trimester.

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    Peppermint tea is good for a queasy tummy. I like to use ginger for motion sickness. But if I'm too nauseated/throwing up, nothing works LOL
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