tooo spicy boneless pork ribs
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    Default tooo spicy boneless pork ribs

    So for the Holiday I decided to grill out. I found some boneless pork ribs on sale and mad emy normal rub to go on them. I grilled them as usual and they were way too spicy to eat.

    I gave Thomas one and he actually hit it, like it had bitten him.

    After some cyphering I realized that I did two things wrong, I had gotten a new supply of peppercorns and cayenne. I realized the cayenne was really hot so I only use 1/4 of the normal amount. I didn't even think about the fresh peppercorns adding so much heat.

    I really hate the idea of throwing them away, but I can't eat them as they are. Anyone have an suggestions? I was thinking maybe incorporating them in a soup, but I may be throwing good in with the bad.

    Thanks for your help.

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    are you able to pull the meat off the ribs and serve it over something like rice or a dish that contains milk like an alfredo pasta? The dairy should help temper the heat.

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    Sounds like they would make a good spicy pozole. Or, throw some fresh pork in the crockpot with a bit of water and cook it on high about 6 hours. When its almost done, throw the spicy ribs in with it and cook until its all tender and shreds easily with two forks. Then you will have some nicely seasoned pulled pork to do what you want with, like maybe mix some BBQ sauce in with it and have pulled pork sandwiches.

    Or, make a big batch of chili with it.
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    Wash them off. That should take care of most of the pepper on the exterior and tone down the heat. Warm them over a low flame with some fresh bbq sauce.

    I sometimes get chicken or pork that has been pre-seasoned by the grocery store and I have to wash off the pepper, as my husband can't eat it. It seems to work well for us.
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    Contrary Housewife stole my thunder, that's exactly what I was going to say. After rinsing, I'd slice thin, warm some bbq sauce add meat & put on toasted buns.

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    Hehehe was going to say the same thing - rinse those puppies off and slather with a sweet bbq sauce OR boil them to make a flavourful broth and use that as a soup base for a noodle soup

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    I agree with Ceashels. You can shred the meat, dice some onion and fry the onion. After the onion goes golden brown, add the meat and fry that for a few. Add in either some cream or some evaporated milk, then simmer until it thickens a bit. Toss some diced tomatoes in there as well and then serve over rice.

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    Anytime something is too spicy, I always add honey or brown sugar. for the ribs, I'd melt some butter and add it that to make a glaze. Let sit for awhile at room temp, and re-heat in the oven. always works for me, but we like hot/sweet flavors in my house.


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