ISO cabbage recipes
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    Default ISO cabbage recipes

    First I am looking for a sauerkraut recipe, second a recipe that has hamburger and cabbage as the two most dominant ingredients. Neither can involve fish/shellfish (no worschestershire sauce- anchovies) and no mushrooms... Any ideas anyone??

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    Missy, I've never made sauerkraut but for your other request I'd do a simple meatballs and fried cabbage. Add some mashed potatoes and a little brown gravy and you're set. My DH is german, he would love that meal.

    Just make your meat balls as normal - breadcrumbs, egg, S&P and a little onion. Form into balls and fry gently. In a separate pan, add the chopped cabbage to a little olive oil, S&P and fly gently. You have to be careful of cabbage - it burns easily.

    When the meat balls are cooked, make a gravy from the drippings in the pan, put the meat balls in the gravy to stay warm while you mash the potatoes.

    Serve meat balls, cabbage, mashed potato and a little brown gravy over the top of the meat. Bob's your uncle.

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    We cook hamb. and cabbage and onions together in a large stock pan.....browning them all at once and to a good "brown". Then drain and eat in flour tortillas with mustard on the side to dip in. We call it beerox but it's the lazy girl's version. Yummy.

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