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    Default Cookies

    So me and my mom are going to try and bake some cookies from scratch this year, instead of buying premade mixes and trying to pass them off as our own...ROFL

    So how do you know if a recipe can be made ahead and frozen, so when it comes time to baking the cookies, we already have the batch made?

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    Most drop cookies or slice and bake recipes can be frozen. For drop cookies you can freeze them on cookie sheets lined with wax paper in their drop form, take them off the sheets and just pop them into zip lock bags. When it comes time to bake them place them back on the cookie sheets, let them thaw, and bake as directed for the recipe. Mostly I freeze a chocolate chip type recipes. I roll them into a log, thaw, and slice and bake.

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    I've frozen with good results snickerdoodles, choc. chip, sugar cookie dough, ginger-molasses, choc. wafer...really any type I make. Log, Lumps or balls of dough all work. It makes it sooo easy to do your christmas mass baking if you make them ahead. Good luck and have fun!!

    (I do not do the "finishing touches" until I'm ready to bake. The rolling in cinnamon sugar, etc.)

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