Fun Phone/Tablet Games?
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    Default Fun Phone/Tablet Games?

    One of my students turned me on to a game on my iPhone called 1010. It's like stationary Tetris and is positively addicting!

    I started wondering if people here might have some favorite games on their phones/tablets/computers/devices that they'd like to share.

    The winter is either going to be short and dry or long and cold, and if it's long and cold, along with my books, I'd love some diversion!

    The games that I play the most frequently are:

    Words With Friends
    Dice With Friends
    Criminal Case

    I played Candy Crush for awhile, but I finally got too frustrated with boards that took weeks to clear, considering I don't have a ton of time to play.

    I realize this is a strange post on a frugal board, but we all need a little distraction sometimes, right?

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    I like 2048. It's free and also addicting. Hard to describe, basically you glide numbers to add them and clear your board. The goal is to get to 2048 before your board is full.
    I'll check out 1010
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    I also play Criminal Case on my Ipad and computer. I play HayDay on my Ipad. I used to play Farmville a long time ago, but stopped and then when I tried to play again - it seemed boring.
    If you like to play games on the computer - I recommend the Pogo website. I used to use coke codes to get free months of Club Pogo. You can play free, but I like the Club Pogo only games, badges and mini items. Lots of people play there. So you can always find a room with people in it. I always found it was a good stress reliever from work.

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    We buy games from Big Fish sometimes. They have frequent sales so you can get games pretty reasonably.

    Lately I've gone back to playing Jurassic Realm. I'm to the really hard levels now, so don't have much hope of winning which is why I quit playing it a couple years ago.

    I'm also playing one of three games of Angry Birds Husby bought for me for $4 at Office Max a couple months ago. He knew I liked it online so when he saw it on sale, he snapped it up.

    A few years ago, someone posted a Halloween special with a code to get Plants vs. Zombies for free. I played that a lot.

    Big Fish has a game called Crazy Balls that I've been playing a lot, too.

    I think I play too many games...

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    I like Big Fish games also. I play "jar of marbles" quite a bit. It has a few levels for free (extra levels are $1.99). I have been happy with the three levels that you get for free, but I did eventually pay the $1.99 to get the extras.

    Cascade, Greek Gems, and Gummy Drop are three other "freeish" games from Big Fish. You get a few lives for free and, when you use them up, you have to wait so long for them to "refuel" or you can pay to get new lives now. I never pay, I just flip over to a different game.

    All four of these games are ones that you can play off-line. I also consider them "time wasters". I play them mainly when I am waiting and the time is too short to read a book on the kindle thing on my phone.

    Another game I have is Bejeweled Blitz. It is another one of those "freeish" games. There are some other games that I have an a "game phone" (the phone is broke, no sound and has other issues, but good enough to play games on). This phone use to be Hubby's and some of the games are from him, so I don't know what they are (they are probably a free version or a free game). The games on that phone are: Temple Run, Brick 3d, Move It!, Snappers, Checkers, Angry Gran, Cooking Academy: Restaurante Royale, Cooking Academy, Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine, Plunder!, Fairway Solitaire, and Spider Solitaire. I also have My Singing Monsters and Midnight Castle on there. Those two require internet though. I only play them at home or somewhere with free wifi because that phone has no service attached to it.

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